‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Shares the Importance of Reflection

by Amy Myers
(Howard M. Brown/Getty Images)

With the holidays just around the corner, Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown decided to take the opportunity to tackle another mental health and wellness topic for the sake of his fans. Recently, Brown has been pulling from a bowl of paper strips with different buzzwords. This week’s words were “pause and reflect.”

But before he began his lesson on the subject, he wanted to show fans what tasks he had ahead of him. Not surprisingly, the former Alaskan Bush People doesn’t like to sit and veg in front of a screen on his day off, so he tries to keep himself busy with hands-on tasks. Yesterday, that task was wood splitting. He gave his viewers a look at the massive pile of elmwood that he had to chop and stack.

Then he got to the meat of the matter and “the importance of giving a moment to think about what we’re doing or what we’re about to say before we do.”

Brown admitted that before his recovery journey, he might not have exhibited the best communication techniques while in a tense situation. However, since then he’s learned the best ways to get his message across without jeopardizing relationships or his mental health.

“Nowadays, what I do and what I’ve been taught is the right thing to do is to stop and think about what we’re doing first and then address the issue,” Brown shared.

He explained that in rehab, they called the technique “playing the tape forward.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Stresses Importance of Reflection with Online Interactions

Along with this moment of reflection, the Alaskan Bush People star also recommended computer programs that delay sending an email or message online. That five-minute hiatus before the message sends gives the writer the opportunity to rethink their words and cancel the action if necessary.

In the past, Brown has had to remember this communication tactic while trying to peak with his own family. According to some of his past posts, the former Alaskan Bush People star has tried to make amends with the rest of the “Wolf Pack,” but unfortunately, the situation was just too toxic. At the time of the conflict, Brown explained how he would reflect on his answers before responding to his siblings and their triggering comments.

As for his current followers, the Alaskan Bush People star believed that pausing and reflecting on our thoughts would help in situations like “those nasty emails that a person might write or a text that might be a little bit harsh.”

Many of his viewers commended him for this advice and felt that this technique would also come in handy during the stress of the holidays.

“Great topic especially during the up and coming holiday season…. Thanks for reminding us pause and reflect,” one Alaskan Bush People fan wrote.