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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Shows Off a Bountiful Harvest

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People‘s Matt Brown is all smiles amidst the fruits of his labors as he shares his latest update with fans.

“Hi friends! Hope everybody’s doing well out there,” Matt smiles wide. It’s the latest update from the Alaskan Bush People alum, and his newfound enthusiasm for life is as infectious as ever.

Matt Brown has been hard at work on the farm homestead where he lives for the better part of 2021. As he rebuilds his life, the former reality star shares as much happiness, advice, and inspiration with followers as he can. His latest video chat is no exception as Matt shows off the remarkable apple harvest from his hard work. Fruits of labor, indeed.

“Right now what I’m doing is leveling out these bins. We’ve got all these apple bins, and so I’m leveling out the apples so they can be stacked,” he tells fans within.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Matt offers as he holds up a gorgeous apple. “Look how dark some of these are! And they’ve got a natural wax on them, so you can polish them up real good,” he smiles as he polishes an apple on his vest like a classic movie scene. “Look how well that shines. Isn’t that beautiful?”

“These apples are really well taken care of their whole life,” the Alaskan Bush People vet continues. “Grade-A! The best you can get!” he says of the fruits. “As always, I hope everyone’s doing well! And God and Jesus bless us all!”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Love Seeing Matt Brown Thriving

“Hi friends! Really busy here with the tail end of harvest, so I want to show y’all guys how nice the apples are,” the eldest Brown son captions his video update on Instagram over the weekend. There, fans are quick to show their support for Matt. He’s been to hell and back, and his life solo on the homestead seems to have worked wonders for his mental health and wellbeing.

Alaskan Bush People fans are always thrilled to interact with Matt and see that he’s thriving as the comments show.

“Hi Matt good afternoon, those apple look delicious they were grown with loving care……by nature (god) and by Matt Brown. You’ve grown and learned much, thanks for sharing,” replies fan Anne S.

“Good morning Matt! Those apples look amazing. All I can think of while watching your video is making an warm apple crisp with those beautiful guys,” echoes Alaskan Bush People fan Laney.

“They look so beautiful and delicious and you look so happy and proud!” adds follower Silke H. “Thanks for showing us a bit of the orchard’s harvest and have a good day Matt!”

Good on you, Matt Brown!