‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Shows Off One of ‘Few Items’ He Owns That Belonged to His Dad Billy Brown

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown doesn’t have much left from his late father, Billy Brown, but what remains is truly special.

“Hey friends! And good morning, afternoon, evening, or night from here depending on your time zone,” Matt begins in his latest video update to Instagram. Within, his usual chipper tone is as uplifting as we’ve come to expect. But something is clearly on Matt’s mind.

“I totally overslept this morning!” he continues. “I stayed up late last night making hot sauce! Check it out!” Brown says as he holds up a small jar full of goodness.

“My dad’s recipe, with tomatoes I grew in my own garden,” he reveals of the jar. “This is even one of his hot sauce jars. It’s one of the few things of his that I actually have,” adds the eldest son of Billy Brown. Matt’s words get caught in his throat as he discusses his father; holding what little he has left of the beloved Alaskan Bush People icon. Yet it’s a beautiful sentiment that those of us who’ve also lost a patriarch can instantly relate to.

“Hi friends, I made the hot sauce last night! :) The video will be on you tube soon! :) J.3.16”

Matt Brown, Instagram

“Isn’t that neat?” Matt charges on, fighting the lump in his throat. “I was missing him last night…”

Billy Brown may be gone, but Matt is clearly proud to keep his legacy alive through what his father taught him. Outsider has no doubt that both Billy’s hot sauce jar and recipe will go to great use so long as his son Matt is of this world.

Matt Brown Keeps his ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Father’s Memory Alive

Of the hot sauce itself, Matt’s tone shoots right back to chipper as he says “It turned out really well, actually! And with the fresh tomatoes, it’s actually really, really good.”

Matt is growing tomatoes in his garden, putting much of what his father taught him to everyday use. What better way is there to keep Billy’s memory alive?

With a quick stroll out into the sun, the Alaskan Bush People alum shows followers his garden. There, he demonstrates the difference between ripe and unripe tomatoes on the vine with an infectious smile.

Matt’s currently growing cucumbers into the fall, as well. “I plan on making pickles with them,” he says, “but I’ve got to get some vinegar first.”

After everything his family has been through – especially Matt himself – it continues to be brilliant to see him thrive out on his current PNW homestead.

“Okay!” he offers with a knowing smile. “Hope everybody’s doing well out there. And as always, God and Jesus bless us all.”

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