‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Talks Challenges of Hunt for Christmas Tree

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Lately, Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown has spent his free time getting into the Christmas spirit. One of the most important parts of this is finding the perfect tree.

Tuesday, Brown posted a video recapping his adventures hunting for a Christmas tree, and at first, it seemed that his efforts were futile. According to the former Alaskan Bush People star, last year’s wildfires burned the area of the mountain that he picked through. Soon enough, he realized that he wasn’t going to find anything besides a charred tree.

“It was really sad. You know, it kind of hit right here for a minute,” Brown said, pointing to his heart. “Not in a bad way, just in a feeling way.”

Thankfully, though, Brown’s boss saved the day and his Christmas plans. Apparently, the Alaskan Bush People alum’s employer owned a bit of forested land, himself, and encouraged Brown to search for a tree there. Soon enough, Brown found his ideal Charlie Brown tree.

See for yourself below.

Sure, the evergreen looks a bit small, but Brown assured his fans that he didn’t want anything too big. In fact, he already knew where he was going to put it. The Alaskan Bush People alum showed fans that the tree would actually temporarily replace his “drafting table” where he had been working on some marble carvings.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Creates New Christmas Traditions

Previously, the former Alaskan Bush People star shared that he would be making his own traditions this year, instead of trying to follow what his family did in the past. This was probably the healthiest choice for the recovering addict that had recently written off the rest of his family. Likely, the Browns’ old Christmas traditions only brought up feelings of anger, hurt, and perhaps even remorse.

“I’m focusing this year on kind of doing my own thing,” Brown explained in a previous video announcing his new intentions. “Instead of holding to the old traditions and stuff from Christmases in the past, I intend to do my own thing now. And I’m really kind of excited about it, you know.”

And he made good on his word. Brown announced that he created his first tradition – After bringing home his Christmas tree, the Alaskan Bush People alum sat down with a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate and plopped a scoop of ice cream into the steaming mug.

So, now this will be his routine every year once he found an evergreen to stand up in his home.

The next step for the former Alaskan Bush People would be finding (or maybe even making his own) Christmas tree ornaments.