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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Talks the Importance of Communication

by Amy Myers
Photo by Getty Images

In his experience with recovery, Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown has found that many of the issues he faced stemmed from poor communication. Now that he’s turned his Instagram into a hub of self-help and recovery-friendly videos, Brown decided to tackle some of the common mistakes people make when talking through a problem.

Of course, Brown doesn’t view himself as an expert of any sort. Rather, he offers these tidbits and life lessons to his followers from the perspective of someone that has lived the consequences of poor communication. As we know, Brown no longer speaks with the rest of his Alaskan Bush People family. While he resides in California, the rest of the “Wolf Pack” still lives in Washington. Even though he isn’t communicating with them, Brown has used these newly acquired skills to build new relationships in his current community.

Hoping that these tips would help his fans, the former Alaskan Bush People star posted the video on his Instagram.

Within his lesson, Brown shared what he found to be the most important component of communication – empathy. According to the Alaskan Bush People star, the ability to feel and relate to the other person’s experience not only ensures the other party that you are a receptive listener, but it also encourages them to help you in your own situation and consider your perspective.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Two Words That Fans Should Avoid

The former Alaskan Bush People star likened communication to a Swiss Army knife – a useful device full of a bunch of smaller tools. He then decided to cover the two words that people should avoid when dealing with an interpersonal conflict.

The first of these red-flag words was “just.” Brown warned that using this word can often sound “whiny” and gave an example.

“‘I was just trying to do this,'” Brown said. “It comes with a tone of excuse, kind of.”

As for “but,” Brown said to avoid including this conjunction in the conversation because it negates everything that comes before it.

The Alaskan Bush People star explained that using either of these “no-no words” causes people to “shut down” or “glaze over” and not listen to the rest of the conversation.

Many of Brown’s fans related to the recent video and commended him for his new and improved communication techniques. Several shared experiences within their own lives in which poor communication cost them a relationship. One even went so far as to suggest a future career as a counselor.

“I honestly believe you could make such a major difference doing this kind of a thing! Somethin’ to think about, maybe, huh?!” the fan wrote.