‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami Once Taught Her Daughter Rain a Valuable Lesson with Nature as the Class Room

by Jon D. B.

“We are afforded the advantage of being able to go out into the wide world and learn through nature,” says Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown offers.

It’s the dream for us Outsiders. Nature is the ultimate classroom, and the Browns take full advantage of it. Mother Ami has homeschooled all seven of her children in the great outdoors. And as this 2015 clip reminds us: it’s one beautiful way to learn and grow.

For this particular lesson, Ami’s chemistry lesson focuses on the molecular makeup of iron. A young, eager Rain Brown then creates a model of iron not on a chalkboard or computer, but with the shoreline itself.

“Being outdoors, you can gather some limbs and sticks and twigs, and that teaches your kids that learning is much more than just textbooks,” Ami continues. It’s a lesson at the heart of Alaskan Bush People; one that reminds us that man and nature are one and the same.

“One thing that I like about homeschooling is that it’s never like I don’ talk and I just listen,” recounts a 12-year-old Rain Brown. “It’s fun, you know? We’re talking about it, and I think that’s super awesome.”

The youngest Brown sibling, Rain still gets daily lessons with her mom Ami.

Alaskan Bush People

At the time, however, not everything was as easy as it looked for Ami. “You know, I really wish Billy and the boys would come around that corner right now,” she tells her daughter.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Speaks Lovingly of Late Husband Billy in 2015 Clip

Billy and his sons had been gone for about a week, she tells the Alaskan Bush People crew.

“It’s been really hard on me,” Ami admits. “I’m just like a momma hen and I like all my chicks together.”

It’s difficult to hear Ami speak of missing Billy in the clip. As fans know, the patriarch would pass away in February of 2021 after several years of health struggles.

But in 2015, they were still one big complete family, and Billy was thinking about getting himself a boat – something that Ami wasn’t completely sold on.

“I love Billy with all my heart, and dearly I love him to pieces. But he can tend to overlook things.” And as she always does, Ami has a life-lesson to offer her daughter through this.

“Before you were born, we went into debt almost the same amount,” she reveals to her daughter. “It was for a bulldozer to clear our land. Come to find out, when we finally got it to the place and everything, it would only go in reverse,” she smiles to Rain.

“I do want to be cautious, but I can’t wait to get on her and really look her over. Just so whatever we get doesn’t come back to bite us like the ol’ bulldozer,” she confides in the Alaskan Bush People crew.

“Being married to Billy can be quite unpredictable. But it’s a thrill and that’s why I love it.”

For much more from Ami and Rain, be sure to watch the full clip above and stick with your fellow Outsiders.