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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Breaks Silence on Whether He’s Married to Raiven

by Suzanne Halliburton
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‘Alaskan Bush People’ star Bear Brown continues to drop hints about his relationship with his girlfriend, Raiven. Check that, fiance Raiven.

But just when you think he’s going to tell all, Bear retreats and just offers a snippet of a detail.

That’s what happened Tuesday when Bear opened up his Instagram account to any and all questions. He should’ve offered the caveat that he wasn’t going to provide any and all details.

A fan named Kblankenbeker asked the “Alaskan Bush People” star: “Have you and Raiven got married yet.”

Bear’s answer: “You’ll have to check out the new season.” And he added a winking emoji. What does it all mean? Will fans of the Alaskan Bush People ever get their answer? We don’t even know when season 13 is set to air.

So, Will There Be a Wedding On Alaskan Bush People?

We do know the on-again/off-again couple seems to be very much back on. Bear, the self-styled “King of the Extreme” posts about Raiven all the time. We’d show you some of his posts, but Bear’s Instagram account is set so that we can’t embed his posts. However, we can quote them.

Earlier this week, a fan asked if Bear and Raiven still were together. His response? “Yes! I’m madly in love with her!!!”

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown, 33, got engaged in August 2019. But the engagement didn’t last long. Two weeks later, the couple broke up. But then after the split, Raiven discovered she was pregnant. So the couple reunited. And then they broke up again.

But Raiven and Bear got back together when baby boy River was born last year. Bear held his son for the first time when River was six months old. Bear fell in love with the little boy and decided he wanted to give his family another shot. It all makes for interesting plot details for the “Alaskan Bush People. “

“I have some awesome news I’d like to share with everyone,” Bear posted on social media. “After meeting River in person and seeing Raiven again we found out that we both still have feelings for each other. So we’ve decided that instead of being co-parents we are going to be just parents!”

Back in February, Bear posted a selfie of himself and River on his Instagram account. He captioned it:

“Hey everybody! I wanted to let y’all guys know, that very soon I will be a married man!!!! Be sure to check out the new season of Alaskan Bush People and all your questions will be answered!!!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!!! God bless!!!”