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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Drops New Sunset Pics From Off-Road Jeep Adventure Through Stunning Mountain Setting

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

If the warm, June weather has you itching for an open-road drive, Bear Brown is on the same page as you. Earlier today, the Alaskan Bush People star posted a photo of his lifted, red Jeep on a dirt road against a backdrop of portrait-worthy sunrise and mountains. Always the “King of Extreme,” Brown no doubt enjoyed a bit of off-roading with his adventure-ready vehicle. Of course, the TV star had to snap a few photos of his adventure before heading home to commemorate the experience.

Along with the photo of his Jeep, Brown also posted a photo of the surrounding scenery. In admiration for the environment, Brown captured the silhouette of pine trees and rolling hills below a few pink, fluffy clouds.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown, King of Photography

Although Bear Brown’s reigning attributes may be his bravery and sense of adventure, the reality star is not shy of showing his more artistic side, as well. In many of the photos on his Instagram, Brown features landscapes, animals and plenty of soft-smile selfies.

On Sunday, Brown posted a far-away photo of himself standing on a rock, thoughtfully looking off in the distance. He captioned the image, “Does adventure call to you?”

Obviously, adventure not only calls to Brown, but beckons him. It’s rare when his followers see him anywhere but outside, surrounded by mountains and fresh air.

In another post from this week, Brown shared shots of some of his furry friends. A day after he shared his pensive photo on top of a rock, the Alaskan Bush Star focused his lens on two animals: a small squirrel and a grazing horse. From the looks of it, the critters are quite content having Bear in their presence. In fact, the grey squirrel is comfortable enough even to climb onto Bear’s hand. The horse feels safe enough to nibble on hay close to the railing where Bear snapped the photo.

Brown’s More Extreme Posts

However, Bear Brown’s photos are not always this tranquil.

On Tuesday, Brown shared a video of himself chasing a summer storm. As the clip begins, we see a dark, ominous sky, massive flashes of lightning and sheets of rain pouring in the distance. Our unphased videographer steps into the frame, hair whipping around him. He crouches down, National Geographic style, and narrates for us the scene.

“A thunderstorm in June,” Brown says in his iconic Alaskan accent. “Gotta love it. Quite powerful, ver’ beautiful. I’ve actually been driving around a little bit, chasing it. This is the best view.”

The amateur storm chaser seems to light up almost as bright as the lightning strikes behind him with enthusiasm as the storm rages on.

From what his photos and videos suggest, Bear Brown’s happy place rests somewhere between the artistic and extreme aspects of life.