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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Etches Moving Message to Late Father Billy in Ice

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Bear Brown, son of late Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, wears his heart on his sleeve – just like his father taught him to.

As the Brown family continues to grapple with the tragic loss of father Billy Brown, Bear Brown is doing all he can to cope. The father and son were incredibly close, as is the entire “wolfpack.” With his hero gone, Bear often shares his feelings with followers on Instagram alongside gorgeous glimpses into his life in the Alaskan bush.

In his latest post, Bear shares a beautiful tribute to his late “Da,” Billy Brown. In fitting Alaskan Bush Fashion, the message is carved into winter’s ice. Moving in both it’s simplicity and imagery, the message is sure to touch fans who have also lost a loved one.

“I love you Da!” reads both Bear’s moving etching in ice and the caption on his Instagram post. The words must be a constant on the son’s mind, and will be for some time. As such, he looks to have etched the touching message into the icy window of one of his father’s beloved boats.

If you are unable to see the tribute post, you can request to follow his private account on Instagram here.

Bear Brown: Master of Alaskan Bush Imagery

The lovely, ice-laden tribute comes just hours after Bear posted a shot of a misty Alaskan bush moon. Within, a near-full moon shines with incredible intensity through thick clouds. The sight, snapped by Brown from beneath rolling mountains, is also one to behold.

From it, followers & fans say the son is receiving a message from his late father. One of Bear’s top comments, courtesy of caring follower katmomma.laura, touches on this perfectly:

“I can imagine your dad sitting up there in Heaven watching over his family making sure each one is safe & accounted for,” she comments. “He has the best view now of your mountain property. Listen to the whispers of your heart, for it will be your dad guiding you through life.”

In addition to this touching comment, Mary B. adds this is “Your da looking over his family and his ADORABLE Ami. RIP MR.BROWN🙏.”

“Your Dad is looking down from above so proud of all of you. Keep your head up. Live life to the Extreme,” another follower offers the Alaskan Bush star.

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