‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Introduces His Australian Pen Pal with Epic Snaps

by Jon D. B.

“Australian Fish People,” anyone? Maybe? With a rousing “Check out this awesome lady!”, Bear Brown is showing off his new pen pal to “Alaskan Bush People” fans, and their responses are all over the place.

Oh, Bear. The internet is a fickle place; a land where judgment comes first, and reason follows far, far after. Despite it all, however, the young “Alaskan Bush People” star is excited.

“Check out this awesome lady! She’s from Australia!” Bear lauds in his trademark, straightforward manner. Brown says his friend “posts some really cool pictures!” adding that “We’ve become pen pals!”

And as the world of Instagram expects, said pen pal is absolutely gorgeous.

Just pen pals?” followers clap back immediately.

“It’s cool to talk to someone from a different part of the world!” Bear concludes his caption after sharing photos of his new friend, Charlotte Motley.

In the photos Bear himself shares of Motley, she’s holding a few fine catches from a fishing trip. Makes sense. She’s an Outsider, too! Good on you for making global friends, “Alaskan Bush People”s King of Extreme.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Are All Over Bear Brown

And so, as one would expect, Bear Brown‘s followers are all over this. The man’s business belongs to the internet if he posts it there: a cardinal rule of social media.

“I think she is using you for followers,” Brown’s top commenter slams, with 60+ people liking in agreement.

“Don’t let people use you for clout,” the second-place comment laments, with 40+ people backing it up.

Yet as one commenter adds on the opposite side of the internet spectrum, this relationship really is no one’s business but Bear Brown’s. That is, until he shares it with Instagram. Then it’s game on, apparently.

“Everyone needs to let people have friends. There are a lot of bad people in the world that will use you, but not everyone,” the opposing commenter replies. “Judging two people you don’t know and making rude comments won’t take you anywhere.”

“You’re right Bear – I’m lucky that I get to travel to a lot of countries so I have friends from all over the world but I’ve met some amazing friends over social media also,” another concludes in the “Alaskan Bush People” star‘s defense, after noting that Bear’s pen pal “very publicly has a boyfriend.”

So let this serve as a multi-faceted lesson in social media, Outsiders. One we all already know, but is endlessly entertaining to ponder, nonetheless.

Here’s to pen pals. May they forever be foreign, attractive, and completely, fully genuine.