‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Ponders ‘What the Future Holds’ With Thought-Provoking New Selfie

by Jon D. B.

“Who knows what the future holds?” asks the Alaskan Bush People star with a new haircut and hat in this smoldering selfie.

He may be a bit out there, but Bear Brown knows how to work a camera! Posting to his official Instagram Wednesday, the young Alaskan Bush People icon’s latest shows off an updated look. Within, he’s sporting a straw Western wide-brim, a short beard, and far shorter hair.

And as one top follower points out: “You look good with your hair short! Nice hat!”

Solid sentiments all around! Bear has been through an awful lot this year, so it’s great to see him posting hopeful shots of himself again. After the loss of his father, Billy Brown, and then an awful split from his fiance & mother of his child, Raiven Adams, Bear needs all the positivity he can get.

Allow us Outsiders to oblige, Mr. Brown. Keep doing you, and as you say: “Who knows what the future holds?” Our own capacity for happiness and greatness dictates the futures we live.

Unfortunately, the Alaskan Bush People brother has reset his Instagram to full privacy settings. As such, we can’t embed his latest update here and show the ink. What we can do, however, is guide you to his official account here. You can then request to follow Bear Brown and see his latest selfie for yourself.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Fans Are Here for Bear Brown

Family of Bear Brown appears at a Discovery conference in 2016, via Getty Images

As followers will note, Bear never shies away from keeping fans up-to-date on his personal life. He often uses his popular Instagram account to share the details of his private life. Which makes it less of a “private life” and far more of a case of “public forum,” but that’s his prerogative!

Said followers are happy to see Bear hopeful, regardless, and often offer their own words of wisdom in return.

“This is a great picture of you. I’ve stopped trying to predict the future. Whatever will be, stay strong,” replies fan Nikki.

“God knows.. He knows what you need and what’s in your heart.. you are never alone…” offers follower Debra

“Just leave things in the hands of Jesus,” echoes fan Jackie, another devout Christian like the Alaskan Bush People star himself.

Our personal favorite comment, however, comes courtesy of Stevo, who says: “Looking like Chuck Norris, Texas walker ranger!”

It’s Walker, Texas Ranger, Stevo. But we’ll forgive you. This once. Chuck Norris may not, though.

And if that doesn’t convince you to mosey on over and follow Bear Brown, nothing will. Outsider often reports on our fellow Outsider’s happenings, and we were happy to see his latest tattoo is, in fact, not a tribal tattoo.

Keep that chin up, Bear! And don’t forget Alaskan Bush People fans, Season 13 is right around the corner.