‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Posts Moving Photo of First Time Billy Met His Son

by Madison Miller

Billy Brown, the patriarch of the Discovery Channel show, “Alaskan Bush People,” passed away on Feb. 7 from a seizure.

He was one of the main stars of the reality series centered around the Brown family. His wife and kids chronicled what it was like to live off the grid and count on the wilderness for survival.

The show follows Billy and his wife Ami as well as other members of their family Matthew, Rain, Snowbird, Joshua, Bear, and Gabriel. Also the family dog, Mr. Cupcake.

Billy Brown Meets His Grandson

Bear was one of the main characters of the series. According to his bio on Discovery, Bear is responsible for hunting and providing the family with meat.

“From the time he first learned to walk, Solomon ‘Bear’ Brown has been happiest in the deep forest. His summers are spent hunting, fishing or anything that puts him there. His great peace is found in the company of animals and running through the Alaskan wilderness … Growing up onboard their fishing boat, Bear became very proficient at working the deck and fish hold. He is fearless and full of confidence and likes to do everything to the extreme.”

While he has a specific role in the Brown family, Bear has also started his own family recently. He and his girlfriend, Raiven Adams, have a son together named River Anthony Brown. In a touching picture posted to his private Instagram, Bear shares the first time Billy got to mean his son.

The caption read, “I’m glad my Dad got to meet my son, his grandson, I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes when he held him! Hold tight to your loved ones! You never know when it’s the last moment you’ll get with them!”

The picture shows Billy and Ami out in the snow. His previous post on Valentine’s Day also shared his love for his late father. It said, “Remembering my Dad! I love and miss him very much! My life will never be the same without him! Love you more, [Dad]!”

The show has also shared a touching tribute to the late Billy Brown.

Bear Brown and His Son

While Billy Brown got to meet his grandson before he passed away, Bear Brown also had to wait a while before getting to see his son.

According to Discovery, he was separated from his son for months due to COVID-19 precautions. His son was born on March 9, 2020. Bear was beyond excited to get to hold his son for the first time.

He said, “It’s an unbelievable feeling to have a son! So exciting to get to hold this little bundle of joy finally! I have been video chatting with him for a while now, thanks to Raiven! With everything going on with the coronavirus and stuff, it just wasn’t possible to see him until now! River is so amazing! And to put it simply, there is no feeling as awesome as getting to hold your son for the first time!”

According to People, the couple decided to give their relationship another try. It was right after Bear got to hold his 6-month-old son for the very first time.

″Hey everybody! I have some awesome news I’d like to share with everyone! After meeting River in person and seeing Raiven again we found out that we both still have feelings for each other, so we’ve decided that instead of being co-parents we are going to be just parents!″ Brown said on Instagram.

The two were engaged in August 2019, but broke off their relationship just a few weeks later.

As for the fate of the show, there have been no announcements as to whether the show will continue or not.