‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Posts Unseen Photo, Sweet Tribute to Late Father Billy Brown

by Jon D. B.

Bear Brown, son of late Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, continues to wear his heart on his sleeve as he grieves the wrenching loss of his father.

Few sons will ever know their father quite like Bear knew Billy Brown. The son’s latest post on social media shows how strong their remarkable bond was – and remains.

“Rest In Peace Da, I love you more than words could ever say, I will miss you always and I look forward to seeing you in heaven when God calls me home!” Bear posts to his official Instagram. “You taught me everything! You taught me how to live! I love you Da, I love you more!

The caption serves a previously unseen photo of Billy Brown, showing a truly happy moment in the father & son’s lives together. Within, we see Billy sporting a huge smile aboard a specialized craft. Billy Brown’s love of boating and transportation vehicles was a big part of him, and was often featured in ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

In addition, the second photo Bear includes in his post shows the son etching an echo of his touching words into the snow.

“I love you, Da,” the snowy message reads, which you can view below:

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Billy Brown

The tribute comes days after another touching memorial from Bear. The Alaskan Bush star posts to Instagram often. More often than not, his posts center on the tragic loss of father Billy Brown.

Bear Brown is, after all, doing all he can to cope. The entire “wolfpack” family was incredibly close, and those who survive Billy will forever remain so. Bear often shares his feelings with followers on Instagram. Moreover, these thoughts come alongside gorgeous glimpses into his life in the Alaskan bush.

In a previous post we reported on, Bear shares a beautiful tribute to his late “Da,” Billy Brown. In fitting Alaskan Bush Fashion, the message is carved into winter’s ice. Moving in both it’s simplicity and imagery, the message proves deeply moving to fans who have also lost a loved one.

“I love you Da!” reads both Bear’s moving etching in ice and the caption. The words are a constant on the son’s mind, as we see above in Monday’s post. He looks to have etched the touching message into the icy window of one of his father’s beloved boats for this past post, much like the snow from today’s.

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