‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Says This Moving Photo ‘Reminds Me of Home’

by Jon D. B.

The emotional post from the Alaskan Bush People star is the latest in a long line of nature-laden glimpses via his social media.

“Reminds me of my home,” the Alaskan Bush People star posts to his Instagram stories. Within, Bear shares a glimpse of a large hanging photo that does, indeed, look much like the expansive, gorgeous waterways of Alaska.

Perhaps due to recent overexposure after the death of his father Billy Brown, Bear has moved his Instagram completely to private. As such, his posts are unable to be shared, and only viewable to followers. If you would like to view the Alaskan Bush People star’s content, you can follow Bear Brown here.

Yet the Alaskan Bush People family has called many different places home over the course of their show. In 2017, the Browns received the heart-wrenching news that their matriarch, Ami Brown, had lung cancer. Her doctors made sure the family understood her disease’s severity – heeding them not to remain “off the grid.”

In short: a relocation would allow for Ami’s proper treatment. The family did just that and wound up relocating to their Washington state homestead.

The Brown’s move out of Alaska found them on a 435-acre ranch in the North Cascade Mountains. It was a breathtaking place to call home. Yet no one could have prepared the Browns, nor the world, for the catastrophic wildfires that would devastate much of the United States just a few years later – and their new home along with it.

Bear Brown Offers Frequent Glimpses Outside ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Friday’s emotional image and caption are par for the course for Bear Brown. The young man often expresses his concerns, doubts, sorrows, and fears alongside his triumphs, joys, and love of the “extreme” on social media.

A similar example of this comes with Bear’s recent “When Hills Cry” post. Within, his penchant for capturing dramatic wilderness is on full display. The vista is a barren one, showcasing a hillside that has been carved away to accommodate a gravel road. On it, runoff trickles down the bare hillside, leaving streaks that resemble tears down a dry face.

It’s one of many emotional posts the son of late Billy Brown has made after his father’s passing. Out of all his large family, Bear has been the most vocal by far.

Such exposure, however, also comes with drawbacks. Recently, Alaskan Bush People fans were up in arms over Bear Brown’s posting with “another woman” for International Woman’s Day 2021.

 “I get the honor of working with a lot of strong and awesome women,” Bear posts. Fans, however, aren’t so sure what’s going on behind the scenes, as the woman he’s close to in the photo is clearly not the mother of his child.