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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown and His Siblings Howl at the Sky in New Alaskan Wilderness Pic

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People fans cannot stop talking about new Instagram post. The post shows Bear Brown and his siblings howling at the sky deep in the Alaskan wilderness. In the shot, you can see the group deep in the woods in a circle all raising their heads as they howl at the sky.

The photo does not include all of the siblings, however. In total, Billy Brown’s wolfpack consists of seven children.

One of the children, Bird, who has five older brothers in the family sent shockwaves throughout the family earlier this year. She revealed she was leaving Washington state and intended to head back to Alaska.

The late Billy Brown said of his daughter’s decision to head back to Alaska, “I think it’s gonna boost them up. I really do. I think it will give them what they need emotionally and all that inside.” However, Bam, one of Bird’s older brothers was less than pleased about the decision. Bear and Rain ultimately decided to return to Alaska with her.

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown

A lot of the children of the Brown family have made headlines in recent months. As mentioned above, Bird’s decision to head back to Alaska was a big move for the family and sent shockwaves throughout. Another human in the family, Matt, also has been making waves.

Self-help is the name of the game for Matt. In a recent Instagram video he wrote, “Hi friends! I haven’t been doing my recovery or self-improvement videos as much as I would like, so I decided to make an obligation to help me keep on track.” This has become a powerful part of Matt’s journey as of late. His videos are inspirational. His openness and transparency about what he’s going through and how he plans to face the adversity got fans engaged. Everyone can relate to wanting to better themselves. Matt understands he can use his platform for good and as a way to encourage and help others going through the same things that he is going through.

In that video, he takes fans’ suggestions for video topics seriously. He quite literally takes them out and cuts them up for future posts. He’ll end up picking as a drawing of some sort. He also says in the video,“If I don’t set goals up for myself throughout the day, I slip back into a lazy, dirty environment.” It is imperative for him to reach his goals. It’s important to set up those daily tasks and goals. It keeps him moving and on track throughout the day. We are all different. However, the important thing is being honest with who you are and what works for you to get done what you need to get done each and every day.