‘Alaskan Bush People’: Why Bear Brown Spent Time Living in a Storage Unit

by Madison Miller

Bear Brown may be used to living in the seclusion of the Alaskan, cold wilderness, but at one point he was cozying up in a storage unit. The “Alaskan Bush People” star once lived with the rest of his family near Hoonah, Alaska to film the Discovery Channel show. They eventually moved to Washington state due to some family health concerns.

So, why exactly did Bear Brown choose to live in a storage unit all by himself?

Bear Brown Storage Unit

According to The Sun, it’s all been chronicled on his private Instagram account. He made his Instagram account private after a series of family-related dramas with both his ex, Raiven Adams, and his brother, Matt Brown.

The 31-year-old was in a red storage unit that even features a taped-on window for extra aesthetics. He lived in the unit for a couple of months starting in April 2020. Also inside the unit is a full-length mirror, guitar, several storage boxes, red curtains, and a red door. One video even showed Brown working out right outside the storage unit.

While he may not be living out in the wilderness as he did on “Alaskan Bush People,” he seemed to still be surrounded by it. Photos Brown has shared show snowy mountains, tall pine trees, and all-around breathtaking views.

It’s not 100% clear why he’s chosen to live out of the storage container, however, “The Alaskan Bush People” star was going through some drama related to his son and his ex-girlfriend at the time. The two were on-again-off-again before recently officially calling it quits, but not seemingly on the best terms.

Regardless, many people have chosen to live in recycled homes like a shipping container block or even live out of a van while traveling.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Couple Drama

The two have a son, River, born on March 9. Raiven has tried to get full custody of River. Bear also got a paternity test to prove that the baby was in fact his.

“Hey everybody, I’ve got some awesome news to share with you all. It is one hundred per cent official – River is my son, I got the results in today. It is awesome news it was never any doubt but in order for me to get equal rights as a parent that is one thing I had to prove that I am actually River’s dad,” Bear Brown said in a clip on Instagram.

Eventually, he got to meet his son in September 2020. Raiven and Bear tried to give the relationship another chance after he met River, but it still didn’t work out. That seems to be the last time they’ll likely try.

According to ScreenRant, Raiven made it very clear she didn’t want Bear in the picture. In an Instagram post, she said that the 33-year-old would not be able to provide a happy home to River. She instead wants a new relationship that will be a good focal point for her son in the future.