‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Drops Stunning New Pics From the Great Outdoors

by Evan Reier

If anyone knows what the outdoors is all about, it’s Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown. Raised in it, and he still lives it.

This is best evidence by his recent posts, which has seen the son of the late Billy Brown get more and more active. His brother, Matt, is doing the same, although that is somewhat due to allegations and issues. More on that later.

In the meantime, we’ll discuss Bear’s posts, the most recent of which came in a flurry on April 16. He posted three times from what appeared to be a walk or journey into the wilderness.

The first we noticed was of a distinct stone or mineral that he happened to stumble upon. Bear provides the look from walking up to it, as well as an up-close angle of it.

As someone who barely passed geology in college, I won’t try and speculate what type of rock it is but it is definitely eye-catching.

The next photo features a gorgeous look out over a river. It’s a damn gorgeous shot, which captures a winding road going down in elevation before the river. Beyond the river, rolling hills and distant mountains make for a gorgeous scene.

Only what you’d expect from a member of the Alaskan Bush People family. We will say he also made one more post, of a bug crawling on a pebble. Check that out here.

Fellow Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown Makes Serious Allegations

If you check out the posts on Instagram, you’ll notice that there are several people bringing up Matt Brown. Matt is the brother of Bear, and appears to be in a major moment of his life. Part of that includes him going behind the curtain and saying that he is broke due to his father’s handling of the show, as well as how his mother has handled the money after his death.

He claims the program was a “lie” in this post, and then also says explains how his mother is allegedly withholding money from him.

““So she finally gave me paperwork that she thought I would sign without looking at,” Brown started. “I did look at it and I found out that they’ve stolen $360,000 from me, right? And I asked my mom, ‘Can I just have a hundred dollars so that I can buy food?’ And she said, ‘I don’t have a hundred dollars.’ and gave me all this jive, right? I just don’t know what to do anymore except tell the truth.”

After his father’s death, Matt attempted to reconnect with his family. However, he says that it didn’t pan out.

“When I came back, I was trying to talk to my mom. I was trying to reconnect and fix things. And when my sisters walked in, they looked at me with this look of disgust. One of them started tearing things down and yelling. And I just can’t do it anymore.”

If there was any doubt about the hard times of the Brown family, recent developments have all but confirmed there are major issues afoot.