‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Girlfriend Raiven Spotted Wearing Engagement Ring in New Photo

by Taylor Cunningham

Bear Brown’s girlfriend posted a selfie today. In the picture, she’s sporting a pair of diamond rings on her left hand. And of course, the sight leaves us all wondering, did the notoriously on-again-off-again couple get married?

Brown and Adams started dating back in 2018 and got engaged the following year. But a few weeks after the engagement, they broke up. The two never cited their exact reasons for splitting, but Raiven penned an Instagram post shortly after the announcement.

“It’s been a long battle for me to decide what I should do. What I should say… I think this life is too much for me,” she wrote. “The drama, the articles the harassment,” she continued. “The mean people who have nothing better to do. And due to that, and Several other reasons me and bear have decided to stay friends.”

In 2020, the couple reunited after Adam’s announced she was pregnant. Then they broke up once again.

Their son, River Anthony Billy Isaiah Brown, was born on March 9th, 2020. Bear Brown and Raiven Adams remained separated. After River was born, the couple went through an ugly custody battle, and Raiven won custody of the child. 

Somewhere along the way, the pair started dating again, only to broke up once more. As of this month, the two are officially a couple again. And now rumors are flowing with Raiven’s most recent Instagram post.

In the post, Adams makes no mention of the set of sparklers on her finger. In fact, she has no caption at all. Is the photo a coy marriage announcement? Some followers believe it is.

“I spy a beautiful ring,” wrote a fan. “Congrats!!!!!! you got married!!!!!!!” another commented. But for now, all we have are assumptions. We’ll have to wait and see if Bear Brown and Raiven Adams will tell us more.

Bear Brown Pays Tribute to His Mother and Late Father

Bear Brown is working hard to mend his family these days. He’s recently started dating Raiven Adams again, and he’s constantly posting adorable pictures with his son. The Alaskan Bush People star took to Instagram earlier this month to pay tribute to his mother’s relationship with his late father. In his post, he thanked his parents for demonstrating such a loving relationship. Their marriage set an example for Brown. 

Bear Brown posted the pic on his private Instagram page. It showed his mother, Ami Brown, happily sitting on his dad’s lap. Ami is wrapping her arms around her husband, Billy Brown. Billy is giving the camera a thumbs up.

“This picture was taken when my mom was battling cancer in LA. Dad was with her every moment! The truest of true love,” Brown captioned.

Billy Brown passed away unexpectedly when he was 68 years old after suffering a seizure. Bear Brown found his father and called 911, but his father died before EMS arrived.