‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Reportedly Was Living in This $34K Small Bungalow Leading Up to His Passing

by Michael Freeman

The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People suffered a devastating loss when Billy Brown passed away this year. New information has surfaced surrounding his death, including the fact he reportedly lived in a small Bungalow leading up to his passing.

The Sun received this information after learning the address listed on Billy Brown’s death certificate and receiving exclusive photos. The small, white-painted wooden bungalow is currently being used to raise chickens and turkeys. Featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the modest bungalow resides in Loomis, Washington at the Palmer Mountain foothills.

Real estate websites value the property at $34,000. The Sun reports knocking at the property, but no one responded. However, a local resident did speak to the outlet, saying the Brown family is “good” at living a private life. Considering Loomis sports a population of 107 people, that statement appears to be accurate.

The resident didn’t wish to reveal their name but did speak some more about Billy Brown and the family. “I don’t really know much about these people other than to say they live here and that’s their home. I can’t tell you how they have been doing since Billy died because they mind their own business pretty good.”

Additionally, the neighbor disclosed the family is actually rather modest. In fact, despite living close to the Browns, the insider knows very little about them. “People here keep to themselves. Other than that I really don’t know that much about them, I keep to myself. They are just people that got famous, that’s it. Honestly, they’re just pretty low-key. Being famous is a double-edged sword and you’re definitely at the tip of it.”

Passing away at 68 years of age, Billy Brown died after suffering a seizure.

Brown Family Push Back at Lawsuit Against Billy Brown

As if dealing with Billy Brown’s death wasn’t enough for his family, a lawsuit was filed against the late patriarch. Naturally, the Brown family is not going to take it sitting down.

Earlier this month, a $500,000 lawsuit accused Billy Brown of failing to pay a debt. Ami Brown, Billy’s widow, asked the court to dismiss the case. The suit arises from a Tennessee doctor claiming Billy skipped out on a contract. Robert Maughon claims he invested $20,000 in the Alaskan Family publications in 2009. In return, Brown reportedly promised him 10 percent of the revenue gained from any books or shows Billy appeared on. Maughon states he didn’t receive his due.

The Brown family’s lawyer asked the court to toss the lawsuit. They claim the federal court lacks jurisdiction. Nonetheless, Maughon said he intends to see the case go to trial. Though Maughon asked the judge to allow it to proceed, it is unknown how the case will move forward as of now.