‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Son Bear Defends Family Against Backlash About ‘Not Living Off Land’

by Jon D. B.

While answering ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fan questions, Bear Brown is finding himself on the defense against one of the show’s most prominent controversies.

“Ask me a question!!!” the self-professed “King of Extreme” posted to Instagram Monday. Good to his prompt so far, Bear Brown has been answering followers’ questions for over two hours. As any social media user knows, however, this is a dangerous game to play. While some inquiries will be thoughtful, kind, or even a bit provoking to prodding – others will always find a way to be that guy.

In truth, there has been a large amount of controversy over the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ family’s whereabouts. While Discovery – and the Browns – tote their hit show as completely factual, there’s no denying the business of television. Not everything you see is going to be real. It’s safest to assume that what we actually see of the Browns is a mixture of their lives – and the creation of drama for audiences.

Heading straight for the throat, commenter foxylad35 fires a pointed question at Bear. If not for the accusatory tone, the question could serve as a valid one. Instead, the user words his response as follows:

“Why did you all act like you had nothing and lived in a forest but really you didn’t I use to love your show as well?”

“We didn’t!” Bear begins his response. “We lived off the land my whole life! You can’t believe everything you read online!”

Ouch, pal! Thankfully, Bear responds like a gentleman with a level and clear retort. Otherwise, drama would be a’foot.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Takes the Heat

Similarly, another fan follows up with “Who still actually lives in the mountain?”

“Check out the new season!” Bear replies. Spoken like a true TV star. As the questions flood in, a common thread begins to develop.

“Now you live in the city ???” follower Claudia chimes in.


Perhaps Bear’s patience is wearing a little thin… Yet when asked how he and Raiven, his fiance and mother of their son River, are doing, the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ star doesn’t hesitate to answer.

“Are you and Raiven together?” the fan asks. “Yes! I’m madly in love with her!!! ❤️” Brown replies.

Whenever fans think to ask how Bear’s mother, Ami, is doing, however, no reply is granted. Dozens of fans are inquiring to her well-being after the loss of Billy Brown. But Bear isn’t biting. Perhaps – and this is simply a guess – the young man is looking to answer questions about himself, and not speak for the recently widowed.

Unfortunately, Bear Brown’s Instagram is completely private. We can’t even embed the post here, since the function is not allowed. If you want to see his six-pack abs for yourself, you can follow Bear Brown on Instagram here. Though you will see photos of the star’s six-pack abs.

You’ve been warned.