‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Son Bear Shares New, Dark Selfie

by Quentin Blount

The son of Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown took to social media over the weekend to share a new, mysterious selfie in the dark.

Bear Brown and his family are still trying to work through the sudden death of Billy Brown. Bear was especially close to his father, and often shares how he is feeling with his fans and followers on Instagram. And that was the case yet again this weekend. Although, Bear Brown is letting his most recent photo speak for itself.

Brown appears to be walking down the street in his most recent snap. The night sky is pitch black but two street lamps are lighting the way for the actor. He seems to be deep in thought, looking off into the distance.

Brown posts the selfie without a caption, allowing the mysterious photo to be interpreted by fans how they see fit. It has already gotten more than 6,600 likes since being posted online.

For many fans, the photo reminds them of a young Billy Brown.

One of the top comments on Bear Brown’s picture was from follower liams_awesome_mom who wrote, “I seen a picture of ur dad online of when he was younger…you look just like him ❤️.”

After that comment xx_xcaligirlx_xx adds, “You’re not alone, Bear ❤️🙏❤️.”

And angelmota96 says, “Many blessings and inner strength to you and your family 🙏.”

For those who are unable to view the latest post from Bear Brown, you can request to follow his private account on Instagram.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Mourns His Father Billy Brown

It has been a tough go for Bear and the family of the Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown since his death. Brown passed away on February 8 after having a seizure at his home. Brown is survived by his children and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Bear Brown revealed that the popular show will host a special for his late father. It will offer a chance for fans across the world to grieve and honor Billy Brown. We anticipate the special will include some clips of Billy Brown’s best moments on the show over the years.

Bear has often gone to social media to share his grief with fans in the wake of his father’s death. That includes posting multiple tributes to the late Alaskan Bush People patriarch. In one touching post, he reveals introducing his own son River to Billy Brown.

“I’m glad my Dad got to meet my son, his grandson, I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes when he held him!” Brown wrote in the post. “Hold tight to your loved ones! You never know when it’s the last moment you’ll get with them!”

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