‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Son Matt Claims Show Production Pushed Him to ‘Edge of Sanity’

by Jon D. B.

“I can’t keep these lies anymore…” In a bombshell video for his followers, former ‘Alaskan Bush People’ star Matt Brown divulges just how terrible his family’s production and ongoing predicaments have become.

It’s a rough batch of statements to swallow, but ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fans cannot miss the latest video from Matt Brown. After a horrific recounting of his time on the show, Matt claims production was looking to lock him up “in a rubber room”. For him, the only option during his last days on set was to “escape to Washington.”

Apparently, through all of Matt Brown’s struggles with substance abuse, multiple counselors and rehab specialists told the then-star to escape a show that, he says, was “making me lie all the time.”

His statement lines up with persistent rumors about ‘Alaskan Bush People’s tenure on air. Many viewers suspect the show to be heavily scripted.

Previous legal troubles for the Brown family point to the stars not actually living “in the wilderness” as they claim to, either. From Matt’s deeply personal 9-minute monologue, it sounds as if the show created a vastly toxic atmosphere for him as a young man.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown Tells All

Now, some seven months on from reconnecting with his mother and father, Matt is learning startling details. Firstly, through tax documents and papers his mother has handed over, he’s learned that a reported “$360,000” has been stolen from him. Brown claims that his mother, Ami, thought he would sign tax and legal papers “without looking at them”.

“I did look at them,” he laments, saying that the stolen funds were hidden within. “I just don’t know what to do anymore. Except tell the truth,” he continues, his voice wavering. “Because now one of my brothers is being done the same way in [‘Alaskan Bush People’] production that I was done. Pushed to the edge of sanity, right? And they’re trying to pin it on him. And no one cares!”

Matt says that when he initially reconnected with his family, it was in an attempt to “fix things”. Everything that has come to light, however, has made that impossible.

“I can’t keep these lies anymore,” the eldest of the Brown children states plainly. “I just know that life is supposed to be better than this. And it’s not right to keep other people’s secrets… which is what I’ve been doing to my own detriment.”

The former ‘Alaskan Bush People’ star concludes by letting his followers know he will “answer any questions” anyone may have. He then apologizes for how “messed up” his emotional reveal has been.

“I’m just doing what normal law-abiding citizens would do when they feel threatened,” he continues.

Full Matt Brown Video

The startling accusations come just weeks after Matt Brown celebrates a year of sobriety. Matt was able to make peace with his father, Billy Brown, before his passing. As for similar efforts with his mother, Ami, however, things sound far grimmer.

“I just can’t go to sleep tonight without the truth being known… I apologize to you, my friends,” Matt reiterates one last time, before bursting into tears over his past behavior.

Watch Matt’s full startling, 9-minute reveal below. If anything, it has blown the doors to ‘Alaskan Bush People’s wide controversies wide open.