‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Daughter Rain Reveals She Lost Her ‘True Friend’

by Thad Mitchell

The family of Billy Brown continues mourning his loss after his sudden death last month at the age of 68. Billy was the star of “Alaskan Brush People,” a reality show on the Discovery channel.

His daughter, Rain Brown, took to social media recently to pay tribute to her father and note she will see him again someday. She also posts a photo with her mother and father in the Instagram post. It would be one of the last photos she took with her father, Billy Brown.

“I lost a true friend. Not forever, but only in this world,” she starts out. “Please hold my family in your thoughts and prayers, especially my mother.”

As most anyone who has lost a loved one knows, family becomes all the more important when grieving. The Billy Brown family is no different and will rely on each other for comfort and peace. Rain makes a plea to her social media followers to hold their families tight and make each minute count.

“Please hold your family tight for me,” she says. “Words cannot express how wonderful he was and is. But I will say, the closest thing to an angel I’ve ever known. God bless you da I love and miss you dearly. You will always be my hero. God bless everyone.”

Billy Brown Fans Mourn Loss of Reality Star

The Instagram photo posted by Rain includes her mother Ami and father looking fondly upon her as she poses for the camera. The social media post took in nearly 60,000 “likes” and thousands of comments. Many fans used the comments section to express their condolences to the young girl for the loss of her father.

Billy Brown was a national hero to many as he made his dream of living off the land into a reality. Along with his family, fans of Alaskan Brush People are also mourning the reality star’s death. He passed away at his home in Washington State after suffering a seizure on February 8. Crews on-location filming for the show called for emergency services to no avail. Medics attempted CPR but it did not help and Brown was pronounced dead at the scene.