‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Estate Hoping Judge Will Dismiss Massive Lawsuit Over Failed Payments

by Matthew Wilson

It seems there’s more drama going on behind the scenes of “Alaskan Bush People” these days. Billy Brown’s estate wants to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the family. The lawsuit comes months after the Brown patriarch passed away from a seizure.

According to The Sun, a Tennessee doctor is suing the Brown estate. He claims that Brown never paid his “investor profits.” As a result, Robert Maughon is looking for $500,000 in damage. He claims Brown and his company Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions breached their contract. Maughon first filed the lawsuit against brown back in April.

But Brown’s estate wants the case dismissed. Their lawyers urged the judge to dismiss the case for “lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”

The Brown estate argues that Maughon didn’t file the suit in the right court of law. So now, they’re asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

“Plaintiff asks this Court to exercise jurisdiction over the property of Brown’s estate, but this property is under the jurisdiction of the state probate court,” the document reads. “In the Complaint, Plaintiff asks this Court to exercise jurisdiction over the res that is currently under the jurisdiction of the state probate court and was long before Plaintiff filed the Complaint.”

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But Robert Moughon isn’t done with the “Alaskan Bush People” estate just yet. The Tennessee doctor has fired back against that dismissal. He’s currently asking the court to reject Brown’s estate’s dismissal motion. Moughon’s legal team put together the following statement.

“I respectfully request that the Court not dismiss the case on the basis of lack of prosecution insofar as the Plaintiff is apt to continue his pursuit of this case,” the response said. Maughon first filed for the lawsuit back on April 27th. According to the outlet, Maughon says he entered into a contract with Billy Brown back in 2009. He invested in Brown’s books through Brown’s Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions.

But Maughon says he never saw a dime from the investment. According to Maughon, Brown was supposed to pay him 10 percent of the profits made off Brown’s books. But Brown reportedly never sent him any of the promised income.

Maughon also cited a second contract with Brown, promising him a 10 percent cut from the company for the rest of his life in exchange for $10,000. But likewise, Maughon says he never got any of the profits from that agreement either. Now, Maughon wants what he says is owed to him.

This isn’t the first time that the Brown family has discussed money since Billy’s death. Matt Brown and his brothers have reportedly feuded over their inheritance.

“They always say stuff that isn’t true about me and my addiction. And I realize they are never going to do the right thing and I was never treated right,” Matt said in an Instagram video.