‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Son Matt Declares ‘This Movie Is So Good’ in New Post

by John Jamison

“Alaskan Bush People” fans will be happy to see that the Brown family’s eldest son is apparently doing well. Matt Brown recently posted a review of the movie “Boss Level” to his Instagram. The verdict?

“this movie is so good :)” says Matt.

The movie “Boss Level” just released in March and features Frank Grillo (who you may know from a handful of Marvel movies), Mel Gibson, and Naomi Watts.

According to IMDb, the movie follows a retired special forces officer who is forced to deal with the fallout of being stuck in a time loop. They classify the movie as action/science fiction and it runs roughly an hour and a half.

Matt Brown gives it a big thumbs up.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Celebrates a Year of Sobriety

His Instagram post comes at a time that sees him trying to recover from the problems of his past. As fans of the show will know, Brown has struggled with substance abuse throughout his life. Just a few days ago, Matt shared an Instagram post celebrating a full year of sobriety.

“Yesterday I hit a milestone. One year completely sober,” Matt said in the video. He added that even though he’s “been in sobriety” for three years, he’s slipped a few times.

He left his fans with some words of encouragement, asking them to never give up. Clearly, Matt has been finding inspiration in film, as he made a reference to the strength of Batman in “Batman Begins.”

Brown has also been dealing with the consequences of sexual assault accusations. On top of it all, Matt’s father and the patriarch of the family, Billy Brown passed away in February.

Matt left “Alaskan Bush People” years ago to pursue rehab at a treatment clinic. He hasn’t had the best relationship with his family. So it’s good to hear him say that he was able to “reconcile” with his late father before he passed in a previous post from February.