‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bird Brown Believes Dad Billy Brown Was ‘Laying Out a Plan’ Before His Death

by Quentin Blount

Did Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown lay out a plan before his death back in February? His daughter, 26-year-old Snowbird “Bird” Brown believes so. Bird Brown explained just that during the first episode of season 13 of Alaskan Bush People. It premiered back on September 19.

“Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end, and we can see now he was laying out a plan for us, preparing us to achieve the vision,” she said.

That vision? It seems like it was for the family to find their dreams and live an adventurous lifestyle. One that Billy Brown helped instill in his children since they were born.

“If only we understood his plan sooner,” she added. “Life now is unlike anything we’ve faced before. We’ll never give up our fight for total freedom, but can we do it without Dad?”

It has been without a doubt a defining year for the Alaskan Bush People crew. They are now forced to go through life without their beloved father. But it seems like the family is sticking together more than ever and they are returning back to their roots.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Siblings Are Returning to Alaska

That’s right — in the most recent episode of the popular Discovery Channel show, we learn that three of the Brown siblings will be returning home to Alaska. We have watched members of the Brown family grow up over the years on TV, but this year has been perhaps the biggest growth phase in their lives yet.

Bird Brown has been hinting about a return to Alaska for some time now. She even teased it during the season 13 premiere video posted by the show on social media.

“I find myself hearing the call of Alaska,” she says in the clip. “It’s hard answering, do I want to move back? There’s still a part of me that feels really lost.”

Bird’s mother, Ami Brown, then advises her, “You have to go where the road calls you.”

But it seems like there is no better way for the kids to honor their legendary father than by going back to their very beginning. Alaska is where they called home for some long. Alaska has helped raise them and shape them into the wilderness-loving people they are today. Maybe it’s only Alaska — and perhaps time — that can help the Brown family find themselves once again. There is no doubt that if Billy Brown were still here today, he would be proud of his kids.

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