‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Brown Family Date Night Turns Into Target Practice In a Hilarious Throwback

by Amy Myers

Back before the boys of Alaskan Bush People found their wives, they looked forward to every chance they could get to meet girls. And living out in the bush, those opportunities were few and far between. So when their little sisters, Snowbird and Rain, came to give their brothers the news that some girls had come to visit from Hoonah, Alaska, a frenzy began.

“Girls from town are here,” Rain, the youngest of the Alaskan Bush People announced. Immediately, all four boys jumped out of their seats around the fire.

“Do I smell?” Gabe said as they began smoothing hairs and straightening their shirts.

“So funny to watch them primp in the mirror,” Snowbird commented.

Bam Bam and Gabe began doing push-ups off of their wooden benches. As they finish their preparations, Gabe once again follows his brothers around, demanding they smell him.

“I think it depends a lot on the girl they’re trying to find,” Bird said. “Some women like their men clean. Others like their men dirty.”

Hopefully, for Gabe, the girls preferred the latter.

Back at the beach, the parents of the Alaskan Bush People greeted the visiting girls. As the group wandered off into the woods, mother Ami dreamt of grandchildren.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Boys Go On a Group Date

While on their way to the date’s first destination, the Alaskan Bush People boys take the opportunity to give their guests a tour of the property.

“Follow me to an adventure,” oldest brother Matt said at the front of the group.

“Warning, ladies, your tour guide is crazy,” youngest brother Noah called from the back.

The boys all seemed to be in accordance that a date in the bush can be just about any outdoor activity that you do together. From hunting, fishing, climbing trees or watching sunsets, it just has to be something both people enjoy.

As they continued deeper through the property’s trails, Bear opts for a detour in a low-branched tree.

“Would any of you lovely ladies like to come up this tree and take a look,” he called from a top branch. “It’s a much better view from up here.”

Sure enough, almost the entire group claimed a branch in the bare tree.

“Bear, you’re moving this tree a little too much,” one of the girls said.

Brown Family Brothers Try To Impress Their Dates

Finally, the group arrives at their next activity—target practice. The Alaskan Bush People boys created a makeshift target before the girls arrived and informed them they would be using .44’s.

While the thought may have been for the boys to show off their skills, one of the girls stole the show with her own revolver, hitting the bullseye several times. Needless to say, the brothers of the Brown family were thoroughly impressed.

However, sentimental brother Bam Bam had a trick of his own. A student of poetry, he recited William Butler Yeat’s poem, “Brown Penny,” to one of the guests.

After a moment of applause, his star-eyed date asked, “And you’re still single?”