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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family Kids Remember Their Earliest Memories of Alaska in Heartwarming Video Ahead of Season 13 Premiere

by Amy Myers
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Your first memories of home can be some of the most special and significant moments spent there. For the Alaskan Bush People family, this is absolutely true. Although they might not live in the 49th state anymore, their time in the Alaskan wilderness was some of the happiest and most defining in their lives. Now that the family no longer has patriarch, Billy Brown leading the way, reminiscing about their past homestead not only reminds them of how far they’ve come but also keeps their dad’s memory alive.

In preparation for the Season 13 premiere, the cast of Alaskan Bush People came together to share their first memories of Alaska. Some were profound, some simple and one was downright silly. Together, these moments seemed to paint a detailed picture of just how loving and exciting a life they had in Alaska.

Take a look at the clip from some of the Alaskan Bush People siblings below.

As Alaskan Bush People fans will recall, the family didn’t spend all of their time in the state on land. For a while, the Browns lived on a boat and spent much of their time on the Gulf of Alaska. Later on, they finally built a permanent home in the woods fit with a kitchen, porch and sitting area – much larger than any other residence they called home. No matter where they decided to lay their heads, though, it seemed the Brown family members always cherished their time together.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Siblings Demonstrate Personalities Through First Memories

With seven kids in the house, it’s no secret you’re going to have a wide range of personalities between them. While the oldest, Matt, is nearing 40 years old while the youngest is just turning 18, no doubt they’ll have different perceptions of the places they’ve lived. As expected, the Alaskan Bush People children had vastly different first memories of Alaska. Even more interesting is that each of these anecdotes seems to correlate with their personalities.

One of the most obvious examples of this pattern is Bam Bam’s memory. Ever the poet and introspective one of the bunch, Bam Bam’s first memory demonstrated his artistic soul. In the video, he recalled the wonder and beauty of the landscape.

“The forest, trees – mainly the smell, just the smell of the forest,” the Alaskan Bush People star described. “And just the immenseness of the sky.”

Meanwhile, youngest brother Gabe’s memory depicted his loving and close relationship with his dad, even from a young age. He described his father lifting him off of his shoulders and lowering him onto the snowy ground. He remembers as a child thinking, “‘Okay, this is nice, but I want back up.'”

For the Alaskan Bush People star, nowhere was home without his dad.