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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Are Getting a Huge Kick Out of Noah Brown’s New Mask Pics

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Recently, Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown’s son, Eli, has fallen in love with the Star Wars series, and the two have indulged themselves with all of the films and merchandise that their hearts desire.

Sometimes, this meant engaging in a full-on lightsaber battle with his little Jedi-in-training. Other times, that meant befriending the native creatures of the Forest Moon of Endor, otherwise known as Ewoks. On Instagram, Noah shared a close-up photo of the wooden bear sculpture in his home with a Wookie mask on its head. Of course, as Star Wars fanatics know, Wookies and Ewoks are two totally different species, so Noah addressed this in his caption.

“Yes this is a Wookie mask, but it is on a small bear…so it is an Ewok,” Noah clarified.

Initially, the Ewok-Wookie cross-species appeared in a photo with Eli that Noah posted last week. In the comments, some confusion arose about why the Alaskan Bush People star deemed the creature an Ewok instead of a relative of Chewbacca.

Here was the original post:

In the caption, Noah mentioned “Eli and his Ewok friend” which caused some confusion among followers. However, most of the Alaskan Bush People star’s fans didn’t care about the terminology they used. Instead, they couldn’t get over the fact that Eli has already started to show the classic Wolf Pack traits. Some believed the little tot was starting to look like Noah. Others believed he resembled his late grandfather, Billy. And a few suggested that he looked like his Auntie Rain.

How the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Tot’s ‘Star Wars’ Obsession Began

Little Eli’s fascination with the Star Wars mega-verse began when his Alaskan Bush People decided to put on a marathon. Soon enough, Eli was hooked.

“So Eli and I have been watching a Star Wars marathon (yes I am a huge Star Wars fan) and Eli is loving it, during the Podrace in episode 1 Eli was actually yelling at the screen “GO ANNIE GO!!!” And it was so cute,” Noah explained in the caption of another post.

He continued, “After Eli and I watched episode 1 and episode 2 we started the Clone Wars cartoon and we are currently on season 5 and he is having so much fun that after watching season 4 episode 6 (Nomad Droids) Eli turned to me and said ‘Daddy I like robots, can we fix a robot’…”

Long story short, that’s how Noah found this photo of a simple trashcan which he plans to transform into an R2D2-type droid.