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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Rally Around Bird After Tragic Loss of Her Pet

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People fans continue to pour heartfelt words of support onto Bird and her siblings after the loss of their beloved Belgian Tervuren, Mr. Cupcake.

Loss is paramount for the Alaskan Bush People family in Season 13. Although the events of this season took place much earlier in 2021, fans would discover the intimate details as the season aired throughout the fall. The unexpected death of patriarch Billy Brown was highly publicized back in February. But fans wouldn’t learn of another tragic family death until Season 13 hit discovery.

“Three shots is not good. That means that there is an emergency,” Bear Brown cries out during Season 13 as gunshots echo through the valley. “Something bad is going on. We’re worried about dad right now because he has bad seizure problems,” Bear adds of his late father, Billy Brown. He and sister Rain take off down the mountain. But it’s their sibling Snowbird that bears the brunt of the awful news.

Watching Birdie collapse into the snow has Alaskan Bush People fans heartbroken. “It’s Mr. Cupcake… I’m sorry,” she says as she fights her sobbing. “He’s gone… I can’t even say it,” Snowbird sobs. “He just didn’t wake up.”

Watching her devastation has fans reacting with touching comments like: “Oh no… I was afraid that it was Cupcake (considering the casket in the preview was way too small to be Billy). Looking at it now though, it’s beautiful to think that Cupcake and Billy are together,” offers Ryeder K on Instagram.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fan Support Pours in as Family Recovers from Death of Mr. Cupcake

“So sorry to hear that Mister Cupcake passed over The Rainbow Bridge, but know that he has your Dearest Father to look after him now. Love and prayers to all the Family, from Queensland Australia,” echoes Sue M.

“I am so sorry. I know it hurts. I have tears in my eyes because I have lost dogs too,” offers another fan directly for Birdie.

And as Alaskan Bush People fan Beth says, so many viewers “loved Mr. Cupcake too, although from afar. I am so, so sorry.”

In life, the late Billy Brown would bring Mr. Cupcake home as a surprise to his children back in 2015. It was a true highlight of the series, and the gorgeous Belgian Tervuren became a staple of the show. Billy’s daughters, in particular, would grow incredibly close with the sweet dog.

“We had a very close bond. I was nine when I got him,” Rain Brown offers in the clip above. Rain would name Mr. Cupcake herself as a 9-year-old girl.

To relive his best moments, Alaskan Bush People Season 13 is currently available to stream on Discovery+. Rest in Peace, Mr. Cupcake.