‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe and Bam Bam Get to Work Rebuilding their Mountain Home

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images

Watch as the Alaskan Bush People brothers shed blood, sweat, and tears rebuilding their mountain home after the recent wildfires.

Like many Americans, the last wildfire seasons would prove devastating for the Browns. They didn’t lose everything, but what they did lose will have to be rebuilt. Thankfully, Gabe and Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown are up to the task. Or Bam Bam is, at least.

“Look at this, man. It’s going to be wash-out central!” Bam Bam tells his little brother, Gabe. As he explains in the Alaskan Bush People Season 13 clip, the roads leading to their mountain homes were once green and flourishing. Wildfires, however, have taken nearly every living thing from the mountainside. As a result, the Browns are at risk of losing their roads and home access completely.

“Everything that was holding it together, which wasn’t much, is gone now,” Bam Bam says. “The burn didn’t just hit our trees, but it hit several spots on our road. Now that’s dangerous for two reasons: it makes it harder to drive over, or where you can’t until you repair it. And also when winter hits and the snow melts, it’s just going to destroy everything. There won’t be anything to hold it together,” he continues, referring to the root systems of trees and plants that would typically hold the dirt and soil of the mountain in place.

Gabe and Bam Bam Fix the Road and Build a Culvert | Alaskan Bush People


‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bam Bam Teaches Little Brother Gabe the Power of Gloves after Seeing His Hand Rip Open

With this in mind, the two brothers get to work. It’s a big job, however; one that could definitely use a tractor or six. Luckily, Brown brother Noah has his on-hand.

Before the trio can get to work, however, Gabe manages to rip his palm open on a tree stump. Bam Bam rushes to the rescue as blood pours from his brother’s hand.

“Gabie’s not just the most clumsy of all my siblings, but he’s the clumsiest person I’ve ever met, seen, or heard of,” Bam tells the Alaskan Bush People crew. “He tries not to be, and that’s what makes it kind of funny,” he laughs. “Because he will try so hard, and the trip on his own two feet.”

But Bam Bam says such things only because he’s so quick to rush to his little brother’s aid regardless. After getting Gabe patched up with his first-aid kit, he makes sure he understands there’s no working under such conditions without gloves on.

“You’re going to go back and do the exact same thing!” he shouts to Gabe as his little brother rushes back to work bare-handed. “What are you missing?”

“A little bit of flesh?” Gabe asks.

“Besides that!” the eldest Alaskan Bush People sibling replies. “A pair of gloves!”

“Oh. I knew that!” Gabe laughs.

And with that, it’s back to work rebuilding their mountain home.