”Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown Has ‘Big Concerns’ About Helping Out His Sister in New Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

On the new episode of Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird Brown heads out to The Last Frontier. And while she’s gone, she leaves her brother, Gabe Brown, in charge of her trailer—which is filled with cats.

In an exclusive Popculture clip from the show, Gabe appears to be at wit’s end as he tries to care for a flurry of felines. But the cats are Snowbird’s “pride and joy.” So he’s taking the job very seriously.

“One of the big concerns with Bird going to Alaska is all the cats that she has here,” Gabe warily tells the camera. “She’s entrusted that to me, but they’re a lot.”

In the video, Gabe is saddled with some tedious and sometimes smelly chores. We see him attempting to feed and water the cats, which turns into a bit of a calamity. He spills their food and asks the cats to do him a solid and eat it off the ground. “You’re on cleanup duty,” he tells a fluffy white cat. And as he’s feeding his sister’s “babies,” they’re catapulting off his shoulders.

But the worst part comes when Gabes heads to the shower armed with a giant scoop. Because Snowbird has so many cats, she turned the stall into a giant litter box. And as Gabe prepares himself for the task of scooping some scat, his furry nieces and nephews gather around him.

“I can feel it in the eyes,” he says between gags.” Bird definitely owes me one for this.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Rain and Bird Brown Teach About the Many Uses of Charcoal

Alaskan Bush People sisters Rain and Bird have learned a lot of survivalist hacks while living off the grid. So when a wildfire engulfed many of their trees this year. The sisters knew just how to turn the disaster into an opportunity. They took the charcoal created by the flames and repurposed it.

In a Discovery+ clip, the sisters collect the powder and turn it into eyeliner and toothpaste.

“Growing up the way that we did, you’re taught to use what you have when you have it,” Bird explained. “And so when the good Lord gives you a wildfire, you have to use the charcoal.”

Rain was tasked with making eyeliner. And both sisters agreed that she did well. She had actually been wanting to make a charcoal liner for a while, and she read some books that had DIY recipes. “Oh, that has a nice smoky look,” Bird said as her sister tried on the makeup.

Then Bird tried her hand at making toothpaste. That didn’t go as well. The reality star said she does “like extra minty toothpaste.” So she was heavy-handed with the flavor as she mixed the toothpaste. And when the girls try cleaning their teeth, the taste overpowers them. By the end of the video, the sisters are gagging over the side of Rain’s porch.