‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown Once Lost His Wedding Ring Fighting an Ostrich

by Amy Myers

As most fans know, the Browns of Alaskan Bush People are respectful and understanding of wild animals. On their Washington property, the family-owned a wide range of species, from horses and cattle to, yes, ostriches.

However, as the members of Alaskan Bush People quickly discovered, dealing with ostriches is no easy feat. In fact, ostriches are considered the second most dangerous birds known to man. Unfortunately for middle child Gabe Brown, he found this out the hard way.

With winter quickly approaching at their family home in the Washington mountains, the family found itself in a hurry to prepare the animals for the already freezing temperatures and snow-covered ground. Certainly, for the birds accustomed to the African climate, the conditions are not favorable.

At the same time, the ostriches are also reaching mating season, as Gabe observed.

“The girl ostriches are over there, doing their makeup a little harder,” he joked, pretending to apply mascara to his own eyelashes. “And the males’ legs get really red.”

While the family did their due diligence of finding all the information they could about the animals and their behavior, “Research only gets you so far. The rest is trial and error,” the 29-year-old son reported.

While the female ostriches continued to lay their eggs in the snow, the Alaskan Bush People gathered them as frequently as possible to incubate them so that they are viable for eating.

However, Gabe crossed the enclosure too quickly towards the females, and the male tried to attack. The bird tried several times to claw at Gabe’s legs before the Browns’ son finally pinned it safely to the ground. With guidance from his father, Gabe quickly retreated outside the enclosure and allowed the ostrich to recover.

“The way I was raised, like, you don’t back down,” the Alaskan Bush People star explained “That’s how you get hurt, you know. A bear charges at you or something like that, the worst thing you can do is turn around and run.”

Unfortunately, during the scuffle, Gabe’s wedding ring came loose and fell off inside the enclosure.

Browns Try to Help Gabe Recover Ring

However, when a member of the Alaskan Bush PeopleWolf Pack” faces a problem, the family rallies together to help. Gabe’s younger sister, Rain, and older brother, Bam Bam, teamed up to try to locate the ring from outside the fence line. Rain tried to spot a glimpse of gold through a pair of binoculars and even attempted “fishing” with a large magnet. Although unsuccessful, it inspired Noah to try as well.

Noah, ever the innovative family member, rigged a shield out of an old satellite dish and a belt. With armor in hand, he entered the enclosure and tried digging through the snow and droppings to see if he could find the ring. But he, too, came up with nothing.

After his siblings’ attempts, Gabe returned to the enclosure for another look. Thankfully, he spotted a glimmer of metal just within the gate. Finally, after braving the ostriches once again, Gabe retrieved his ring, placed it between his teeth and scaled the fence.

“Tastes like victory,” the Alaskan Bush People star said, taking the ring out of his mouth. “A little bit of ostrich poo, but mostly victory.”