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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown Rocks Out on Fourth of July in New Clip

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Since his appearance on Alaskan Bush People, Gabe Brown has transformed his image and outlook. His Instagram page documents the transition from his sweet boyish grin to a more surly and sincere stare. Back when he was first on the show, Brown and his brothers all had their iconic looks. Oldest brother Matt tended to wear a fedora. Second-oldest Bam-Bam wore his hair in long coils. Middle child Bear always had on a flannel. Youngest son Noah had his hair pulled into a ponytail.

And Gabe? Well, Gabe had his muttonchops.

As if pulled from a Civil War-reenactment battlefield, Brown proudly groomed his facial hair into the antiquated style. Paired with his full set of braces, he definitely had a unique look among the Brown brothers. However, now that the Alaskan Bush People kids have grown and started families of their own, their appearances and priorities have changed.

On Gabe Brown’s Instagram page, followers can see the slow but definite transition from sharp muttonchops that come to a point to a full-grown bushy beard. Though the Alaskan Bush People star never specifies what exactly sparked the change, we can imagine the bigger events in his life, like his marriage and his father’s recent passing, have encouraged the change.

For better or for worse, it suits the Alaskan Bush People star well, especially in his latest post for the Fourth of July.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Gabe Brown Wears Stars and Stripes

As an electric guitar shreds the national anthem in the background, Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown stands stoically. His hair is pulled into a ponytail that younger brother Noah would be proud of. Wearing his usual black leather vest, Brown tucked an American flag around his shoulders like a cape. He stands for a moment, basking in own his patriotic glory, before dramatically sauntering off-screen. As his cape of stars and stripes flutters in the wind, we can see he’s completed the outfit with a sidearm tucked into his waistband.

At the end of the video, Brown wrote, “Happy 4th God Bless America.”

Gabe Brown Celebrates Fourth of July Without Dad

Since his father’s passing in February, Gabe Brown and the entire Alaskan Bush People family have felt the absence of patriarch, Billy Brown. After suffering a seizure, the late father passed in their home in Washington state.

Now this year, Billy’s children and wife, Ami, will experience the first of many holidays without him. As we can imagine, the Fourth of July is a tough one because the activities and celebrations of the day were some of the group’s favorite pastimes—camping, sitting around a campfire, shooting and most importantly, enjoying time with family.

While no longer with us, we’re sure that Billy Brown is proud of his 29-year-old son and his new look.