‘Alaskan Bush People’: Here’s What Rain Brown Thinks Is Her Most Valuable Asset to the Family

by Jon D. B.

Alongside her sister Birdy, Alaskan Bush People’s daughter Rain Brown reveals her “superpower” she feels contributes most to her family’s legacy.

In October of 2020, Alaskan Bush People sisters Rain and Birdy gave an exclusive interview for trade TV Shows Ace. Within, the young women detail much about the Brown’s trials and tribulations of that difficult year. Among them is the horrible fire that wrecked one of their family homes. Focusing on the positive of that year, however, sees both daughters reveal their “most valuable asset.”

Tv Shows Ace goes for Rain Brown first, asking her what she thinks her “superpower is,” or her “most valuable asset to the whole Brown family?”

Oh gosh,” Rain hesitates with humility. “I would say it would be my advice. Everyone comes to me when they need advice for things and so I try and have a really listening ear,” she reveals at the time.

The interview took place just months before the passing of their father, late Alaskan Bush People Patriarch Billy Brown. Tragically, his health was declining rapidly in the years before his death. As such, we’re sure Rain’s kind heart and counseling absolutely was of use to her siblings during such a difficult time.

“I would say my advice,” she doubles down. What about Birdy, then?

The trade then asks Bird Brown the same question next, to which she replies:

This is where I would like to think it’s the way I am with animals,” Birdy answers. “Because animals tend to like me and listen to me. I know I can’t talk to them, but sometimes it almost feels like I can ’cause we can communicate without words really. So I would like to think it was that,” she offers to TV Shows Ace.

The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family’s ‘Way With Animals’

The Browns certainly have a way with animals on the show, indeed. Though their livestock adventures went awry often, such is the way of it. Their oldest brother, Matt Brown, continues to work with animals even in his absence from Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People.

Recently, Matt Brown has been caring for tiny songbird chicks he rescued from the grounds of his new home. We’ve chronicled much of Matt’s adventures on the matter here at Outsider, and it’s truly heartwarming to see the man come into his own amidst wildlife rescues.

As for their late father, one of his great passions and dreams was to own livestock as an adult. Billy Brown got to do just that in 2017 when the family began working towards the large amounts of livestock they would own and care for in his remaining years. Specifically horses.

“Well, we’re trying to catch some opportunities, some I never thought we would have,” the late Alaskan Bush People icon said in a Monsters and Critics interview. “Because I grew up with horses, I am a Texan, and it’s so funny because it’s been such a while for her and I both, but now all of a sudden we’re looking for livestock. We’re talking horses…”

It’s one of the happiest interviews we’ve ever covered from Billy Brown, and fully in line with his daughter Birdy’s “superpower”. Like father like daughter!