‘Alaskan Bush People’: Here’s Why Ami Married Late Husband Billy Brown at Age 15

by Kayla Zadel

The passing of “Alaskan Bush People’s” Billy Brown is bringing some information to light. Especially that of his widow, Ami Brown.

Ami Brown was only 15-years-old when she married Billy Brown, according to Screen Rant.

The two were wed on June 16, 1979, according to a Tarrant County, Texas marriage certificate. Billy was 26 at the time, meaning there was an 11-year age difference between him and his young bride. What’s more, Ami was just 15-years-old when the two met and then quickly married.

Ami gave birth to their first son, Matt, when she was 18-years-old. The couple now has 7 children in total, 5 boys and two girls.

Ami and Billy Brown’s Controversial Marriage

The logistics of their marriage might be unconventional, but the law at the time read that a woman could be wed as young as 14 with parental consent in Texas. Ami’s mother gave permission for her daughter to marry Brown under one condition. That was for Ami to remain in high school and finish her education. However, Ami didn’t follow through on her end of the deal. Shortly after tying the knot, she cut all contact with her family.

Ami’s mother and brother reportedly accuse Billy of controlling her. They say it was Billy’s idea for Ami to drop out of school and cut all ties with her family. Ami’s brother confronted Billy, and he allegedly angrily told him, “That’s none of your mother’s business now. She belongs to me!”

Fans of the “Alaskan Bush People” describe Billy’s wife as a “quiet, dutiful, subservient wife.” However, with this recent news that’s come to light, these viewers are beginning to wonder if Billy, did in fact, control his wife. Ami has never publicly complained about her marriage to Billy. Their love story on the show is portrayed as if the couple is still madly in love.

Ami and Billy Brown’s marriage isn’t the only thing making headlines as of late. Billy was, but now his son, Joshua, is facing jail time. The two claimed to be citizens of Alaska in order to receive government checks while living out of state.