‘Alaskan Bush People’: How Gabe Brown Says He Deals With Social Media Negativity

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As is common for a lot of reality television personalities, the “Alaskan Bush People” family, or the Wolf Pack as they call themselves, faces a good deal of hate on social media.

The family is the star of the Discovery Channel show with 12 seasons and possibly more on the way. The patriarch of the family, Billy Brown, passed away in February of this year.

The family was under scrutiny by fans and other individuals that questioned whether or not the show had any realism. It is classified as a docudrama-style reality TV series, meaning not everything is 100% true.

In fact, some even claim the family does not actually ever live out in the Alaskan bush except for when filming is happening. According to Distractify, Billy and Joshua Brown pled guilty to charges and were sentenced to 30 days in jail in 2016. The family was charged for lying on their Permanent Fund dividend applications between 2011 and 2013. They did this in order to receive yearly oil revenue checks.

So, how do they deal with the media attention and scrutiny that comes from putting their lives out there for the public to see?

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Talk Social Media Negativity

In an interview with the family from 2018 on Monsters & Critics, Gabe Brown talks about how he’s dealt with the hate over the years.

“Well, I guess it’s just the old saying, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. There are just some people out there who have probably had bad things happen, or they’re having a bad day, and so they’re kind of like venting. I just don’t take it personal,” Gabe Brown said.

In addition to the negativity on social media, the family has also had its fair share of hardships. Their mother, Ami Brown, dealt with a terrifying cancer diagnosis for years. This is part of the reason they relocated to Washington. Billy Brown then suddenly passed away from a seizure. The “Alaskan Bush People” also had to deal with the Palmer Fire, which destroyed a lot of their property.

“We have been through quite a bit, especially in the past year … I’m just glad that we have somewhere together, and we get to build a new home, even if it’s not in Alaska,” Bird Brown said.

Activity On Social Media

When it comes to social media attention, some members of the family are particularly active. Bear Brown shared very private relationship-oriented information on his Instagram account. A lot of it had to do with his newborn son, River, and his on-and-off relationship with Raiven Adams.

Now, his Instagram is on private after a lot of drama went down. Meanwhile, Matt Brown has used his social media to actually criticize his own family. In one video he said his late father Billy, as well as his mother and producers of the show, are the reason for his cocaine addiction. He also stated his late father would keep all the funds from the show and not share.

Bear Brown was quick to defend his father. Matt Brown has been on the outs with his family since he was accused of raping two women. He then left the show and had a severed relationship with several family members.