‘Alaskan Bush People’: Late Patriarch Billy Brown Was Once Arrested for Stealing a Horse

by Jon D. B.

The Alaskan Bush People legacy is a bumpy one, with plenty of brush-ins with the law – including Billy Brown’s 1980 horse theft!

Much has been written about the… Unorthodox wedding of the late Billy Brown to his then-15-year-old wife, Ami. Brown himself even once said that he and fellow Texan Ami took off from their home state right after their wedding. But the couple were married in June 1979, and Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy would be charged with a Texas horse theft in April of 1980.

This means that – according to the Texas court documents secured by Radar Online – Billy and Ami were in their home state for at least a year after marriage.

By El Paso County District Court documents obtained by Radar in late 2015, the trade reports Billy Brown was arrested on April 15, 1980. His crime? Stealing a horse from a stable owner in El Paso, Texas. He was not alone, either.

The court documents claim two men and two women would approach the El Paso stable. The proprietor at the time cites “two men and two women” coming to him to “rent stable space.”

The owner’s description of a 27-year-old Billy would be unmistakable. The lead perpetrator had “long reddish hair below the shoulder” and a “full beard…longer than the chin.”

Sound familiar? Another description from the documents notes a “young woman” of “long brown hair” with a “pretty face.” This, we assume, would have been teenage Ami.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Late Billy Brown: Texas Horse Thief?

The documents further state that this group would stop by the stables several more times over the course of a week. Then, on April 15, 1980, the stable’s owner was told by a stablehand of a missing horse.

The owner would arrive to not one missing horse – but several missing from their stables.

“I could see where the horses had been led out of the area,” the documents quote of the stablemaster via Radar Online.

Thankfully, the El Paso Sheriff’s Dept. had already located the stolen horses. They had two perpetrators in custody, too: the future Alaskan Bush People star, and a male friend already wanted in Forth Worth, Texas, for writing “bad checks”. Both he and Billy would lie about their occupations to police. Records show they eventually fessed to their backgrounds, however. As a result, both men were charged with horse theft.

But it gets even stranger. The court documents also state “Billy Brown and Amora [Ami] Brown tried to go across the border and didn’t get through.”

That’s right, the newly-married Browns were making a break for the Mexican border. As for why they didn’t make it, a 16-year-old girl from their convicted party says it was “because we didn’t have a title for our car.”

“So redacted and Billy planned to steal some horses,” she continues within.

For the above, Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown would plead guilty in court on June 20, 1980. He would serve one year of probation as a result.

If no one is planning a movie about the lives of Billy and Ami Brown… Outsider is about to get into the film business.