‘Alaskan Bush People’: A Look Back at Bear Brown and Raiven’s Relationship

by Amy Myers

After four years together, Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown are settling in as a married couple on the family’s ranch. Earlier in January, the newlyweds recited their vows to each other during an intimate ceremony in front of close friends and family. The two have had a difficult journey through the years, and for a while, Alaskan Bush People fans weren’t sure if the two would make it together. Thankfully, though, through their difficulties, they’ve managed to put their love for each other, as well as their son, first.

Raiven and Bear first met at a different wedding. Back in 2018, Raiven assisted her mother, who photographed Noah and Rhain’s wedding ceremony. It was there that the future lovebirds first caught sight of each other. Soon enough, the two began dating, and they couldn’t get enough of each other. As much as we saw Raiven on Bear’s Instagram page, she posted just as many photos with him.

Not too far into their relationship, Raiven found out she was pregnant, and in March 2020, she gave birth to their son, River. Just five months later, the Alaskan Bush People bachelor popped the question, and Raiven accepted.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Underwent Serious Issues in Their Relationship

Unfortunately, the honeymoon period didn’t last much longer for the couple. Just weeks after Bear broke the happy news of their upcoming nuptials, Raiven returned the ring. The broken engagement came as a shock to fans, but soon, both Alaskan Bush People stars revealed the problems of their relationship.

Bear began to express his frustrations with his ex-fiancee, claiming that she and her family were making it difficult to see his son. He later demanded a paternity test to ensure that River was truly his.

Meanwhile, Raiven aired her side of the story after a bout of silence and stated that Bear had problems with alcohol which was one of the main reasons she called off the wedding. For a while, the two focused on strictly being co-parents. With how much strain there was on the Alaskan Bush People stars’ relationship, we were sure this was the last we would see of Raiven. She even removed all previous photos of him from her Instagram.

But then, suddenly last year, we started to see more and more photos of the three together. And sure enough, they had reignited their flame. Presumably, Bear and Raiven were able to work out their issues and build a healthier relationship that prioritized their son’s wellbeing. And, perhaps most importantly, they learned to keep the specifics of their relationship off social media.

Soon, Raiven moved from her home in Texas to the North Star Ranch, and she even began wearing her engagement ring again. Though they kept plans of their wedding quiet, it seems they were anxious to finally tie the knot. Now, they couldn’t be happier to have celebrated their union with a pair of rings and an Alaskan Bush People-style ceremony.