‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Delivers ‘Quick’ Update on Wildfire in His Area

by Jon D. B.

With a “heya friends,” the beloved Alaskan Bush People alum offers a “quick check-in” Tuesday as wildfires continue to rage across the U.S.

“Just got back from Loomis a bit ago,” Matt Brown begins in his latest Instagram video. “Wanted to go and see how close the fire is out there! It’s pretty close…”

“If I’m not mistaken, the wind is blowing it the other way,” Brown emphasizes. “That’s at least what it looks like from here. I don’t have much actual information about it, but there was a fire map at the Loomis Quick-Stop,” he continues.

Matt hasn’t been forthcoming with his exact location in the past. His latest post does, however, gives us a sense of where the farm he now works is. According to his update, he’s likely homesteading between Loomis and Tonasket in Washington state.

“They’ve been dumping water on it all day… [Sending] up the planes from right over here by the lake. So hopefully they’ve got control of it,” he continues of the wildfires.

“There was a paper that said they’ve got it 50 or 55% contained,” Matt recalls. Which is better than the wildfires raging in the opposite direction, he says. That blaze is “closer to Tonasket,” Brown clarifies. Tonasket is about 25 minutes southeast of Loomis, which paints a stark picture of how close these fires are burning on both sides of the Alaskan Bush People star.

“Hi friends wave a quick check in about the fire and stuff.”

Matt Brown, Instagram

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown to ‘Keep Everyone Updated on the Fire’

“I guess that’s what I have!” Matt offers of his update. “I want to thank everyone for all of your wonderful comments on my last video about my daily check-ins,” he says. “It makes me feel really good to know that people still get something out of me just being like ‘hey, hope everybody’s doing well!'”

That we do, Matt! Your fellow Outsiders are rooting for you, and none of us is ever the only one struggling. The Alaskan Bush People alum’s openness with his own battles in everything from addiction to emotional abuse and “toxic” family affairs takes a lot of bravery to speak on at all – let alone publicly. But Matt does just that, and there are certainly many out there who are better for it.

Like Alaskan Bush People fan Sarah Lee, who responds: “Always happy to hear you’re voice, even for a quick check in. You have a very calming way about you.”

The sentiment is echoed throughout with comments like “Stay alert bro. Keep the faith as I always say!” and “Stay safe and alert Matt it’s heartbreaking for some people who may have lost things to these fires.”

“I’ll keep everyone updated on the fire! I think everything’s going to be okay out here,” Matt Brown concludes alongside his usual “God and Jesus bless us all!”