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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Details Process of Dealing with Grief

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Amidst many losses this year, the Alaskan Bush People star is using his platform to help others who may be struggling with the grief such loss causes.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Matt Brown’s latest posts come as a sort of “group therapy” for many followers. The reality TV vet and avid Outsider has been through much in his life. In 2021 alone, Matt has lost his father, Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, his home, and cut himself off from a “problematic” family.

Then, over this same weekend, Matt lost one of the songbird chicks in his care. The loss has hit him hard, and in light of everything he’s experienced, he’s taking the opportunity to turn his own grief into a learning experience for followers.

“The downward spiral of grief, addiction, and mental illness,” Matt titles his latest video. Within, he discusses “why its important to properly process our grief and negative emotions.”

His full discussion, which you can view below, touches on emotional loss – alongside his own struggles coping with mental illness and addiction. It’s a vulnerable, helpful chat that many could benefit from after the tumultuous last year-and-a-half.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Helps Fans Sort Through Personal Trauma

“Mental illness, in my opinion, can be a lot like addiction. It can become a spiral that one might feel they have no control over,” Matt offers. His discussion deals greatly with the “emotion of grief,” and how someone who is dealing with addiction or struggling with mental illness can have a hard time “processing grief”. These are topics near and dear to Brown’s heart. They’ve become regular discussion on his Instagram, too.

Through it all, the Alaskan Bush People vet’s fans and followers have come to truly appreciate Matt’s openness.

“Your videos are turning into group therapy for many of us…lot to think about. Hope we can revisit many of these topics again,” replies follower Anne.

“I’ve been sober from alcohol since July 31st 2020 coming up soon on one year… been dealing with anxiety depression my whole life it’s definitely a daily struggle,” echoes fellow fan Sarah.

“Very eloquently spoken, it’s right to try and depend on your own ability to overcome whatever it Is that you have to get over!” responds another follower. “All humans have the ability to overcome anything, you just have to have the realization that you can do anything! You are a prime example of how to master your emotions and make positives out of negatives! Well done Matt, Never Give Up, Never Surrender,” they conclude using Matt’s slogan of choice.

Well done, Matt! Keep up the excellent work. Outsider wishes you and anyone else struggling with these forms of grief all the best.