‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Discusses ‘Real’ vs. ‘Fake’ Family and Friends in New Update

by Matthew Wilson

Former “Alaskan Bush People” star Matt Brown is taking to Instagram to discuss the differences between real family and friends versus fake family and friends. Sometimes, it can be difficult telling the difference between them, especially if you’re a reality star.

Brown has been off the show and living relatively quietly the past couple years after stints in rehab and two sexual assault accusations. But he maintains an active following on social media. In his latest post, he discusses his real friends and the people that stuck by him.

“What’s good about real life and about real friends as few and far between as they are,” Matt Brown said. “My experience is that real friends are easy to tell from fake friends. And real family is easy to tell from just blood family. It’s all in the way that they treat us back. It doesn’t matter how much love or compassion or care that we feed into them. Because it’s what they feed back to us, to me, that lets me know whether or not they’re real friends or not.”

Brown said he only knew a couple of people in his life that he considers to be a “real friend” of his. The rest are just acquaintances he met both on and off the show.

“I got a couple of friends I know. I got a bunch of acquaintances,” he continued. “But I have a couple of people when I need them, they’re there for me. And they think about my problems and they try to help me with them rather than just tuning it out. Here’s to friends, real friends, and being there for them.”

Matt Brown and ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Matt Brown starred for multiple seasons on “Alaskan Bush People,” along with the rest of his family. In 2018, the reality star faced his share of controversy. Two people reportedly accused Brown of sexual assault. But later a Los Angeles District Attorney declined to prosecute Brown on those charges.

Around this time, Brown struggled with substance abuse and spent time in rehab. He took time away from the show to focus on rebuilding himself. His relationship with his other family members hasn’t always been the smoothest. But Brown took to social media to mourn his father Billy Brown when he passed earlier this year. The two had reconciled any differences they had before Billy’s death, according to Matt.

“In loving memory of my Dad Billy B Brown,” he wrote. “Thank you all so much for your loving words of kindness and prayers they mean so much!”