‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Drops New Pic of Massive Snake, Reveals What It ‘Reminded’ Him About

by Madison Miller

Matt Brown may not be out in the depths of the Alaskan wilderness, but he’s still surrounded by some pretty epic nature. The “Alaskan Bush People” star recently captured a photo of a massive snake passing in front of him on a trail and shared it with his Instagram followers.

He wrote, “A good day today friends :) I was reminded watch our steps there are snakes in the road!”

Recently, Matt Brown has been using his platform to talk about his struggles in life. He has been having a hard time providing for himself. He opened up about struggles to find food, warmth, and shelter in the last few weeks.

Brown now has a job working in a friend’s orchard in town in order to provide for himself more efficiently.

Matt Brown Uses Platform to Talk Family Drama

Matt Brown is one of the seven children from “Alaskan Bush People.” His father, Billy Brown, passed away in early February. Brown has also used his platform to reveal what he allegedly says is a part of his family drama. His post about watching out for “snakes” in the road may have to do with them. He claimed that his father kept all the earnings that the family made from doing the show.

Meanwhile, he says that he cannot properly care for himself due to financial struggles. He also revealed several other intimate details about his family. He claimed that other people’s secrets were “killing him.” Matt Brown also said that he was forced to lie about where the family was living. His biggest claim is that the producers of the show gave his parents cocaine to give to him.

He has struggled with addiction over the years and has been in and out of rehab. Brown has also been accused by two separate women of sexual assault. He left the show in 2017 and has since had an unstable relationship with the rest of the family.

His recent rant has likely not made things better. His brother, Bear Brown, posted saying that what he said were “horrible lies” and that he was heartbroken Matt “would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away.”

Will ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Return?

The Discovery Channel show has been on since 2014. So far, there have been 12 seasons that delve into the lives of the off-grid family.

Following Billy Brown’s death, it is still unclear if “Alaskan Bush People” is returning for another season. Bear Brown and others have hinted in the past that parts of the show for the next season were already filmed. However, it’s unclear if these will now air. Bear also implied the series would return and even played a practical joke about quitting, hinting there will be more to come.

The last time fans of the show saw the family was for “The Legacy of Billy Brown,” a tribute episode for the father the same month he passed away.