‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Met One of His Nephews

by Amy Myers

As much as Alaskan Bush People fans love the family that’s on the show, they haven’t forgotten about the oldest Brown sibling that lives separate from the rest. Matt Brown left the franchise years ago, and though he doesn’t interact with his siblings or his mother anymore, he still has quite a fanbase. So, whenever something exciting or memorable happens, they immediately wonder if Matt was a part of the occasion.

Recently, fans have focused on whether the Alaskan Bush People alum has been able to meet his nephews and niece. So far, he has three nephews, one from Raiven and Bear and two from Rhain and Noah, and one niece from Gabe and Raquell. As far as we know, now, Matt has met one of his nephews.

On Instagram, Alaskan Bush People newlywed Raiven Brown regularly interacts with fans, answering questions and quelling concerns as she sees fit. So, when watchers repeatedly asked about Matt, she gave a quick answer.

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“Did he get to meet Uncle Matt yet ?” the fan asked in the comments of a recent photo of Bear and their son River.

Raiven wrote back with a simple, “Yes.”

Clearly, the one-word response was meant to end the conversation without sharing any more information than was necessary. Some fans wondered how Matt met River, but the Alaskan Bush People star didn’t answer any more questions about the topic.

Another fan responded to Raiven’s comment, “glad to hear he got to meet Uncle Matt. Matt has turned his life around I follow him on IG. He seems like a good guy who has cleaned himself up.”

“Yeah let’s just leave the subject off my page :)” Raiven said.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Dismisses Comments About Matt Brown at Wedding

This isn’t the first time the Alaskan Bush People star has addressed concerns about Matt Brown’s involvement with the family. Once Raiven and Bear tied the knot, dozens of fans wondered if the estranged brother attended the ceremony.

After so many filled the comments of her posts with the question, she finally spoke out directly about the issue.

In response to one Alaskan Bush People fan’s question, “Where is the oldest brother brown? Never see him anymore,” Raiven wrote, “That has nothing to do with me so not my place to answer.”

Even though Raiven still receives comments about her estranged brother-in-law, she still looks back on her big day with Bear with joy.

“Was such a beautiful wedding thanks to our family!” the Alaskan Bush People star captioned one of her wedding photos. “A special thank you to my mom for helping with a lot of the setup. Also thank you to @raquell.rose11 for being my maid of honor. Thank you to all the friends and family who could make it as well! And as always thanks to the awesome fans for all the sweet comments!”

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