‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Finally ‘Found a Spot With Service’ in New Wilderness Selfie

by Quentin Blount

If anyone can appreciate finding a spot with cell phone service out in the middle of the wilderness, that person would be former Alaskan Bush People star, Matt Brown.

Matt Brown, of course, is the oldest child of the late Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown. In total, the popular wilderness family now includes the widowed Ami Brown, 58, and her seven children. There is 37-year old Matt Brown, Bam Bam, 34, Bear, 31, Gabe, 29, Noah, 26, and Rain, 16.

Over the past couple of weeks, Matt Brown has taken to social media to shine a light on some of his struggles, as well as “other truths” about his family’s legacy. But in typical Brown family fashion, it seems the best way for Matt to process the issues is for him to be navigating the great outdoors.

In his most recent photo, Matt Brown is rocking a pair of sunglasses as he stares off into the distance on what seems like a beautiful, sunny day. There is not a single cloud in the sky. In fact, all that can be seen behind the Alaskan Bush People star is the top of one tree and a single ray of sunlight.

There is no doubt, however, that Brown was happy to have found a spot with good service. How else would he post a new wilderness selfie for his fans?

“Found a spot with service :)”

One fan took a moment to reply to Matt Brown with a thoughtful message in the wake of all of his family controversy.

“Let the sun’s warmth fill you, the light touch your soul, and the fresh air saturate your mind with all that is good and strong! Peace, love, and prayers 💚”

Former ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Drops ‘Truth’ in Recent Video

Last Sunday, Matt Brown posted a nearly 10-minute video on Instagram where he dives into shocking details about his family. The former Alaskan Bush People actor appears to have filmed the video late at night and in the middle of the woods.

“Everyone has told me that other people’s secrets are not mine to tell,” Brown says. “But they are destroying me, and they have been destroying me for a long time.”

“I am cold, and I don’t have any money. And I hardly have anything to eat.”

Brown also takes a shot at his late father. Matt says that his dad, Billy Brown, kept all of the money that was made from the show. He ends the video by saying that all of the lies have taken a toll on his own mental health. To read the entire story, click here.