WATCH: ‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown Snacks on Sugared Termites in New Video

by Jon D. B.

“Candied termites!” the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ alum shares straight away. That’s right, Matt Brown is wilderness-snacking on the sugar-coated insects in his latest video update.

It’s good to see Matt Brown doing well. It’s even better to see him well and snacking on termites! The eldest son of ‘Alaskan Bush People’s late Billy Brown looks as happy as ever as he crunches away on a self-made snack.

In his latest video post to his official Instagram, Brown shares his method for “candying” termites. It’s a simple recipe, but not exactly a survival tip – as you’ll need sugar, freshwater, and some tinfoil readily available.

“What I did is I made a little cup out of tinfoil,” Matt begins, completely in his element.

“Now I kill each one before I put it into anything fiery,” he adds. “I just squeeze its head so I know it’s dead… Then I put it into the water and sugar, and let that kind of simmer until it boils down. This makes [a] simple syrup.”

Once Matt has finished this initial cook, he sprinkles the insects onto a paper towel where he coats them “with a little bit of extra sugar,” he grins wide, before showing the camera his treat.

Now for the moment of truth, as Matt samples his first termite treat. “Hah! I love it when it works,” the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ alum lauds. “It’s just so good!”

Snack on Some Sugary Termites with ‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown:

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So why would Matt Brown – or anyone for that matter – decide to snack on some candied insects? For most Americans, this is a completely foreign concept. To many cultures across the world, however, it’s a readily available treat.

In fact, BugBusterUSA doubles down on this, citing termites as “among the most popular types of edible insects. In edible insect-friendly areas of the world, the taste of termites is undeniably enjoyed by most people.”

Most Outsiders have heard of, or maybe even tried, eating ants at one point in their lives. Termites, though, apparently “make for the perfect type of comfort food, only they are nutritious, unlike chips and other comfort foods,” BugBuster adds.

Perhaps most fascinating, however, is the trade’s insisting that “termite soldiers are the best tasting types of termites.”

Now you know, ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fans!