‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Updates Fans About ‘Rough Day’ After Conversation With One of His Brothers

by Amy Myers

The Alaskan Bush People family certainly looks much different today than it did when the show first aired seven years ago. When Discovery introduced the family to viewers, the Browns were a tight-knit group that all shared a love of the wilderness and independence. However, as the years have gone by, the “Wolf Pack” has seen many changes, and not all of them were for the best.

From mother Ami’s cancer diagnosis to father Billy’s death and even the forest fire that consumed the family’s Washington property, the Alaskan Bush People have seen their fair share of tragedy. There’s also been plenty of heartbreak, especially for son and brother, Bear (31), who has an on-again-off-again relationship with girlfriend and mother of his child, Raven. (From the looks of his Instagram, they’re currently “off.”)

Perhaps most pressing in the Alaskan Bush People‘s current affairs is the state of oldest son and brother, Matt, who recently shared a distressing update about his relationship with the family. Matt left the show in its eighth season to attend rehab for his ongoing battle against drug and alcohol addiction. Now, in an Instagram video, the oldest Alaskan Bush Star sibling shared that he officially cut ties with the rest of the Browns.

Matt Brown Reveals Dysfunctional Family Behind the ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Since seeking treatment, the former Alaskan Bush People star seems to have focused all of his energy on rebuilding his life away from the rest of the family. Instead of documenting his life on Discovery with the rest of the Wolf Pack, Matt opted instead for his own phone. Now, as a recovering addict, he uses his profile as a means to reflect on his life’s events and help others in similar circumstances.

In Matt’s most recent video, he shared with followers that he “had a really rough day yesterday.”

While seated in front of his house, he explained that the source of his stress and hardship came from recent conversations with his family. Apparently, for the past month, Matt kept in touch with one of his brothers. Without revealing names, Matt said that this brother had discussed giving his oldest brother the money he earned from his time on Alaskan Bush People. Of course, Matt was excited to see his pay but also wanted to mend broken relationships with his loved ones.

However, as he quickly discovered, the promise of money was allegedly a hoax. Instead, he felt like his family members were trying to “set” him “off.” Matt claimed that while visiting his mother, another one of his brothers became “combative,” causing the former co-star to write off his Alaskan Bush People family for good.

“I realized that they’re never going to do the right thing,” Matt reflected in his video.