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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Wishes ‘American Friends’ Happy Independence Day in New Video

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown’s Instagram is less of a photo collage of his life and more of a daily vlog full of positive messages. Unlike his little brother, Bear, who fills his page with gorgeous landscape photos and stunning selfies, Brown prefers to speak directly to his followers. Always somewhat sunburnt, Brown’s messages to his viewers usually include a lesson from his recovery process as an addict. However, yesterday, Brown just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day—and also show off his new gift.

“I hope everybody’s doing well today,” Brown greeted.

Then Brown flipped the camera around to show a bright light shining back at him. According to the former Alaskan Bush People star, the woman he works for gifted him the light for his videos. He shared that there is also a spot for him to clip his phone. Apparently, prior to the gift, Brown used a cup to prop his phone for his vlogs.

“It’s so cool,” Brown said excitedly. “She went into town, and when she got back she gave that to me.”

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Brown then spoke about the nation’s holiday for his followers that lived outside of the U.S.

“It’s Independence Day here in America, and basically that’s America’s birthday, you know,” Brown explained.

He also acknowledged the political and social tension currently affecting the country. Accustomed to living far from others on Alaskan Bush People, Brown didn’t seem too invested in any of the issues he referred to. Instead, he offered his classic optimistic outlook.

“Here in America, we’ve got some friction going on and everything,” Brown said. “I know we’ll work it out though and all be able to live together as neighbors.”

Rather than taking a controversial stance on any of the issues, Brown instead took the opportunity to admire the country’s diversity.

“We’re so full of such beautiful, diverse people that we just kind of need to learn again how to live together, and everything will be okay,” Brown told his viewers.

Although it didn’t seem the Alaskan Bush People star had very big plans for the night, he still wished his followers a happy holiday. Brown, as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, most likely opted to stay away from any gatherings to avoid situations that could trigger a relapse or negative situation. Still, he seemed happy to celebrate the nation’s “birthday” from the comfort of his recliner.

“Today I want to say Happy Independence Day, and I hope everybody had a wonderful Sunday,” Brown said.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Matt Brown video without his signature send-off.

“As always, God and Jesus bless us all.”