‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown Marks Late Dad’s 69th Birthday With Touching Message

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images

“Today would have been my Dad’s 69th birthday,” begins Alaskan Bush People‘s Noah Brown in a heartfelt message for his late father.

December 3, 2021 marks what would’ve been Billy Brown’s 69th birthday. The late Alaskan Bush People patriarch tragically passed in February of 2021 after complications of a stroke. His legacy, however, lives on through his many children and grandchildren.

Noah Brown is making sure of this on his father’s birthday, too. Posting to Instagram, Noah shares several personal photos, including his own baby boy getting to meet his father shortly before his passing.

“Happy birthday Da. You and Mom gave me so many things throughout my entire life, a Home, a unique childhood, good judgment, a good sense of family, the skills to face and Conquer any challenges, my faith that God will provide, and so much more. I hold on tightly to everything that you gave me especially the physical things because I will never have anything else that came from you, like this Bible that is full of Wisdom for when I can not seek it from you.

Happy birthday Da, we love and miss your joyous laugh and contagious smile.”

Noah Brown

And as always, Alaskan Bush People fans are quick to comfort Noah. The family has been through hell the past year, and audiences have been grieving the loss of patriarch Billy Brown throughout 2021 with them.

“What a sweet tribute to your dad. Here are a few passages that have been comforting and reassuring to me: Book of John(all of it), Romans(all of it), Lamentations, Jeremiah, especially Jeremiah 29:11,” offers fan Jane on Instagram.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Brothers Deal with Grief through Work

The Browns are as close as families come, and this no doubt makes their loss both easier and harder at the same time. Thankfully, Noah is surrounded by the wilds and siblings looking to get to work to help him through.

Like so many Western Americans, the wildfire seasons of 2020-2021 would also prove devastating for the Browns. They didn’t lose everything, but what they did lose will have to be rebuilt.

“Look at this, man. It’s going to be wash-out central!” Noah’s older brother, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, says as part of Alaskan Bush People Season 13’s hard work. The roads leading to their mountain homes were once green and flourishing. Wildfires, however, took nearly every living thing from the mountainside. Now the Browns are at risk of losing their roads and home access completely.

Before long, Noah shows up with his tractor ready to get to work. He’s eager to do so, too; something that has surely helped with the loss of his father through 2021.

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