‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown Shows Off Adorable ‘Photoshoot’ Pics of Son

by Jon D. B.

Tiny 3rd generation Alaskan Bush People family member Elijah is looking as precious as they come in the latest photo update from his parents.

Look at that hairdo! Little Eli is but a toddler, yet he’s got more style than most of us Outsiders combined. Parents Noah & Rhain know it, too with their latest update to their joint Instagram account.

The Alaskan Bush People couple’s Friday post is an Eli extravaganza. With a fresh haircut from his mom & dad, the little guy is looking top-notch courtesy of a parental photoshoot.

“I cut Eli’s hair again today so we decided to have a little photo shoot, we have a bunch more and will post them all later,” Noah & Rhain caption the first set.

Within, followers are treated to six absolutely adorable shots of tiny Elijah living his best life. Flip through the gallery for yourself below, and revel in the cuteness that is Eli Brown:

If you’re having trouble viewing our Instagram embed above, follow the Alaskan Bush People stars on their official family Instagram account here. And yes, we know Noah Brown himself is not pictured in the cover image for this article. Unfortunately, press-friendly photos of Noah are scarce. Plenty of them exist on his Instagram, though!

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Elijah Will Be a Big Brother!

Elija’s precious photoshoot comes at an exciting time for the family, too. Just two days prior, Noah & Rhain announced they’re expecting their second child! There is, obviously, no word on the sex of the little one this early in the game. Naturally, we’ll be waiting a while for a name, too. But soon, Noah & Rhain’s first wean, Elijah, will have himself a baby brother or sister!

Indeed, The Alaskan Bush People family is set to grow by one more, and fans are absolutely ecstatic for the couple. Wednesday’s reveal came courtesy of a cheekily-simple poem on Instagram (which we’re 99% sure Noah is responsible for).

Wrapping the announcement into a classic “Roses & Violets” poem, Noah & Rhain’s reveal reads:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Rain is Pregnant,
And I will love this baby too

Check out the actual reveal here, alongside our coverage of the couple and fans’ reactions to the joyous news.

As for the couple’s second child, if it’s a boy – Outsider is absolutely betting on him being named Billy. Noah often posts of how much he misses his beloved father, as do most of his siblings. Eljiah was born months before patriarch Billy Brown’s death, and the grandfather got to spend precious time with his first grandson. Now, however, will Billy gone, it would be beyond a beautiful gesture to name another child after the late Alaskan Bush People star. Heck, “Billy” would even be an adorable name for a little girl.

Take note, Noah & Rhain! And if their next precious babe ends up with the name Billy – we’re 100% taking credit.